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1963 Imperial Crown Commercial Dealer Film - Introduction
The 63 was revised styling of Virgil Exner's 1961 car. It was de-finned in 1962 and then some alterations to the roof and rear back light window were made.

1963 Valiant Signet Commercial Dealer Film - Introduction
This would be considered the series II of the Valiant. Completely restyled from bumper to bumper. The Valiant was first lauched in 1960. Again in 1963, like 1960 ...

1969 AMC Javelin Promotional Film Trans Am Racing - Javelin Breed
This film produced for public distribution by American Motors Corporation was about the racing season for the AMC Javelin in it's first year at Trans Am races.

1963 Plymouth Film Commercial - For Dealers
Plymouth is on the move.