Turbo Datsun 280Z with Holset HY35

Still have to get the MSnS ecu, fuel rail, and mount my 440cc injectors.

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26 lb run, turbo Datsun.
In car run

After tune drive turbo datsun
Almost done tunning the megasquirt.

Rb30 s14 Holset hy35
Had to notch the hood in the end, it looks ok

1972 Datsun 240Z - One Take
Cameron's Datsun 240Z with a swapped 280Z engine and triple Weber carbs is super vintage cool. Check it out on Wheelwell! https://www.wheelwell.com/profile/54c05b2879c2838c7d1c70e3/vehicles/54c05c3 3c0fe33db7c4a24a3/specs/