Evo9 @ 1,9 bar vs STI GRB TD06-20G @ 1,1 bar

roll on 80-240

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Subaru impreza wrx turbo td06 20g
Der tubro macht komische schleif geräusche :/ weiß jemand warum

[SUBARU] STI Heritage Movie
Provides an overview of Subaru Tecnica International’s many achievements, accolades and motorsports heritage. The movie includes video clips of the 100,000 km world speed record set by the Legacy, as well as footage from the WRC and GRC series.

Forester STI td06-20G vs BMW 135 chip
Forester STI td06-20G, 264 валы. BMW 135 chip, intake, Exhaust

STI GRB 360 hp vs Audi A7 TFSI