Huge RC Car Burnout

Burnout with a 1/5th scale FG on asphalt.

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RC car burnout ends in flames
My rc Audi TT does a big burnout, then sadly blows its motor. Do not attempt this yourself. SUBSCRIBE and ENJOY! New crazy car video every week. Wrecking toy cars: zN1QnSqP&index=1&t=23s Red Hot Metal Balls vs Stuff: kcn3Nb9-kpjqEoni&t=12s Model car burnout & fire: jw9GNUk_WM9cJ-Of Crushing toy cars: WKq_wDYA&index=1 stunts & crashes: cPas_w4bTYE48ZyJ&t=91s Toy car engine fire: gD6h4lrr&index=1 Mad model car videos: nDQHVVF3Qp47lpjD Model car showcase: K9MDeP3K&index=1

This video is exclusively managed by Caters News. To license or use in a commercial player please contact or call +44 121 616 1100 / +1 646 380 1615 DRIFT44 SKILL's PROJECT NO.30 『GLASS - DRIFT PARKING (ドリフト駐車)』 chassis=drift package type-B differential gear=front one way & FCD 2.0 gear=spur gear 84 & (Yeah Racing) pinion gear 18 motor=brushless 13.5T wheel & tire=SPEEDLINE size 2.2 wheel - offset 3mm & SPEEDLINE size 2.2 CSC-0 dumper=(Yeah Racing) Shock-Gear 55mm Damper Set for 1/10 RC Touring Car GunMetal DSG-0055GM oil=(Yeah Racing) shock oil 300 heat sink=(Yeah Racing) super light heat sink Type-B bearing=(Yeah Racing) blue ball bearing wheel hub=6mm aluminium wheel hub nut=(Yeah Racing) aluminium flanged lock nut king pin =(Yeah Racing) light weight king pin shaft =(Yeah Racing) main drive shaft & universal shaft led=(TEAM-TETSUJIN) MORI MORI 20 LED kit steering wheel sponge = (SKILL) Hand made - thin type by DRIFT44 Battery Holder = (SKILL) Hand made by DRIFT44 music by O-HIMEN "TEAM-44 version - working" (permission=OK)

$50 RC Car vs $800 RC Car
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