Nissan 350Z Rally drift 'crash' - damages wheel

Nissan 350Z Rally drift 'crash' - Theo v.d. Berg damages wheel

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350Z Challenge - Paradigit-ELE Rally 2010
Nissan 350Z Challenge - Paradigit-ELE Rally 2010

Nissan 350Z Crash at Hellendoorn Rally 2015 - equipe Roel van der Zanden and Ilse van de Sande
Aquaplaning, fishtailing and sideways into a ditch which spun us around 1,5 times. We've impacted the side of the ditch with all 4 corners of the car. Crew was checked in hospital and are OK. The car was traveling at about 120 km/h when control was lost. After the impact the collision made the car end up 50 meters further.

Nissan 350z crash 300km/h
High speed crash - Driver completly unhurt - Left Rear tyre explodes...

Subaru Impreza WRC - Polish driver got crazy
This is my tribute to one of the best polish rally drivers of all times - Leszek Kuzaj