Quickshift Fly-By

Idle and fly-by footage pf Project Quickshift, a 2005 GMC Canyon equipped with an STS remote mount turbo system making 335hp.

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Daytona Quickshifter
2010 Triumph Daytona 675 SE, with new quickshifter installed. A brief demonstration.

CBR1000rr HM GP Quickshifter - through the box
Having a play on the bench with the new HM Quickshifter 'GP'. This is one very clever bit of kit which i can't wait to test on circuit... Its pretty much a seamless shifter now. Amazeballs. I normally have a HM+ shifter on here and this is just testing the GP, hopefully will get to test on circuit in December. Oh, and sorry but please don't expect me to respond to comments as sadly Google+ has made it impossible. Shame as i really enjoyed the comments. HM Shifter site here: https://www.hmquickshifter.com/products/category.php?id=15 This is my '11 blade which i crashed a couple of months ago and since then she's been getting some tasty replacement parts.. more info coming soon :) Thank you again for everyone who helped me with the re-build of this bike via sticker purchases. I cannot thank you enough.

AREA51TH BMW S1000RR HP4 Launch Control
BMW S1000RR HP4 Carbon Competition Launch Control at 8000 rpm.

HM Quickshifter Plus -- Final Track Test
I was able to slip in an unscheduled track day at Mid-Ohio April 19, 2014. I took advantage of the day and tested the HM Quickshifter Plus that I recently installed on my 09' Ducati 848. I'm set up for standard shift, thereby using the "C" setting on the unit for 'compression,' and kept the unit's other two settings as shipped: 50 percent sensitivity and a 65 millisecond kill time. Next step at a subsequent track day: Try GP shift pattern. Click on this Ebay Affiliate link to search for and purchase an HM Quickshifter for your bike: http://goo.gl/Kc6VCz