SVT Cobra's and a CTS-V Playing on the Highway

If you've seen some earlier videos then a three of these cars will look familiar. Needless to say they all sound sick and there is nothing better than 4 sick cars playing on the highway. The black Cobra is probably the loudest in this group. The Car Life on Facebook: The Car Life on Twitter: Watch the video in 1080P for the best video and sound quality.

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Lamborghini LP 560-4 Vs. Cadillac CTS-V Twin Turbo
Since my friend believes his twin turbo CTS-V is unbeatable, I had to show him what a little Italian car can do. But don't worry if you're a CTS-V fan...The car is getting a stronger rear, and more Boost...So stay tuned!! Filmed in Mexico well over a year ago.

What It's Like to Daily Drive a CTSV!
What it's like to daily drive my Cadillac CTS-V! If you liked this video please like and Subscribe! Help me hit 1,000 subscribers! After over a year of ownership, I wanted to show you what it's like to daily a Cadillac CTSV! As fun as it is to drive, it has a few drawbacks as a daily such as gas mileage, noise, and so on. If you don't do much driving it's great if you have a long commute I would not recommend it!

CTS V vs M5
05 Cadilac CTS-V LS6 w/intake and x-pipe vs e39 BMW M5 w/ X- pipe ....2 of the most badass sedans ever made :D

Loud!! Cts-v ride along
Ripping up the streets ridding in 05 gto alongside of 05 cts-v