KE 4WD TURBO Tx3, "oh Tx" on the dyno. 132kws/178hp 13psi @ wheels

My tx3 on the Dyno at Millenium motor sports. 132kw/178hp at all 4 wheels on 13psi. B6T spinning a highflowed vj6 with some other goodies. ALL INFO ON CAR HERE-:

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1989 KE tx3 4wd turbo race car build - Part 2
This is the second part of the TX3 Race car build. Part 1 -

2 KE Tx3 Turbo's. Fwd & 4wd
A walk around of my KE tx3s, stock fwd whitey & modded 4wd bluey

FWD B6T TX3, wet roads, BOV & exhaust sounds, 180 handbraky