KE 4WD TURBO Tx3, "oh Tx" on the dyno. 132kws/178hp 13psi @ wheels

My tx3 on the Dyno at Millenium motor sports. 132kw/178hp at all 4 wheels on 13psi. B6T spinning a highflowed vj6 with some other goodies. ALL INFO ON CAR HERE-:

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2 KE Tx3 Turbo's. Fwd & 4wd
A walk around of my KE tx3s, stock fwd whitey & modded 4wd bluey

Lazer donuts
My old black Ford laser spining round on trays

Turbo kh laser bathurst lap
Going down the back on conrod straight, with massive vaccum leak from cracked runners on inlet manifold. Doesnt stop me having some fun tho lol.

Tx3 turbo 4wd @ dyno dynamics