Tayo the Little Bus Garage Huge Insect Monster Attack Happy Story, Thomas, Chuggington, Cars

I made an imaginary story movie where huge insect monsters ramp up. Tayo and Thomas the Tank Engine are living a pleasant life. It appeared there was a huge cockroach monster. A huge centipede is also a monster. I am also worried about the lives of Cars and Chuggington's colleagues. I want to make various fun videos with toys. There are many cute characters of Disney. A huge centipede is a radio controlled toy (laugh). Wooden Thomas and Chalkington's Wilson, Tayo will pass the tunnel. Clay mountain toys are fun. You can hide and play in Tayo's garage. A huge centipede appeared from the clay. But, the end is a happy story. A hero helps us.

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Giant Foot vs BIG FORK! w/ Paw Patrol Chase, Ariel, Princess Rapunzel & Spiderman in Real Life The earth is shaking and Chase from the Paw Patrol Team can't keep his balance. He tries to tell the giant Disney Ariel to stop kicking cars around and calm down, but she doesn't notice him. Ariel begins to walk away and steps on Chase in the process. Ariel eventually notices Chase and flicks him off of her foot sending him flying. Once he lands, Chase ends up at the feet of Rapunzel and Spiderman who help him up. Chase warns them to run away, but Spiderman approaches Ariel instead and tries to web her. It doesn't have any effect and Ariel simply kicks Spiderman back to his allies. Ariel gets angry and tries to stomp on the three friends, but Princess Rapunzel thinks quickly and stabs her foot with a pitchfork. As Ariel jumps in pain, Chase, Spiderman, and Rapunzel escape. They hide behind a tree and watch as Ariel passes them then come up with a plan to stop her. Chase and Spiderman distract and taunt her, but she gets angry and they are forced to dodge her feet as she stomps the ground. Meanwhile, Rapunzel sneaks up behind Ariel , and shoots her with a bow. The antidote in the bow returns Ariel to her normal size and the three friends cheer as they help her up. The four new acquaintances then celebrate together. More awesome movies to watch: Princess Rapunzel Kidnapped by Evil Queen! https://youtu.be/bZtN4RaoYyA?list=PLClEoBmoMtNqDcZckc7VHPiR2vIahVIjX SpiderBaby & Baby Rapunzel Fight Over Giant Candy Bar https://youtu.be/v3luyb4P_Mw?list=PLClEoBmoMtNqDcZckc7VHPiR2vIahVIjX Thanks for watching. Don't forget to Share, Like & Subscribe for cool new videos daily.