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Dave Fiorelli giving a ride to a guest in his Viper ACRX Racecar.

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Joao Barbosa takes wife on a wild ride around Daytona highbanks in a 2 seater DP.mov
Joao Barbosa takes wife for the 1st time in a ride around Daytona International Speedway at 185mph in a 2 seater Grand Am Daytona Prototype

Greg Murphy (aka Barry Ford) gives Cameron Smith a SURPRISE Hot Lap!
V8 Supercar legend Greg Murphy goes under cover as "Barry Ford" to take Rugby league champ Cam Smith on an HSV hot lap he was NOT expecting! Book your spot at an HSV Drive Experience! http://www.hsv.com.au/Gen-F/drive/drive-experience/ Or book a test drive in an HSV GTS today: http://www.hsv.com.au/Gen-F/Drive/Dealers/

Ingrid Vandebosch Rides Along with Jeff Gordon in a 2-Seater NASCAR Race Car - Ride-Along
Jeff Gordon's wife, Ingrid Vandebosch, wanted to experience what it is like to ride in a NASCAR Cup Series race car. Last year for Ingrid's birthday, Jeff took her around Charlotte Motor Speedway in a special two-seater race car. Are you on the Jeff Gordon email list? More than 196,224 fans are! Don't be the one who misses out. You can sign up here - http://www.jeffgordon.com/newsletter.

Maria and Tiff Needell
The ultimate car share experience with Tiff Needell. Thank you to my lovely colleagues for scaring me half to death; Wendy, Mary, Dominic, Sarah, Kate and Lucinda