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VW Jetta MKv, resonator removed

I removed the resonator on my 2008 Jetta MKv 2.5L Exhaust system and replaced it with a straight pipe from the Cat to the muffler. It gives a better sound than the totally stock system IMHO. It's not as deep as I would like, but maybe if I put a SRI on ,it'll get a little deeper but you really can't complain when it only cost $75 vs. $600+


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Volkswagen Jetta Mk5 LED Euro Tail Lights VW Vag Com Bora Vento
Volkswagen Jetta Mk5 LED Tail Lights AutomotiveAdBuilder.com What is AutomotiveAdBuilder.com? Simply an easier and faster way of selling your automobile. Let us take the burden of detailing, posting, emails, phone calls, and appointments. Let us broker the deal for you. Just like a real estate agent we can showcase your item and get it sold! Are we a dealer? No, however we do represent dealers and post ads for them. Autos For Sale - We include dealer and private ads on our site. Each ad is individual so please click on vehicle details to obtain contact information.

mkv jetta 2.5L nuespeed cat-back cold start-up
mkv jetta 2.5l Nuespeed cat-back Exhaust clip. cold start up. other mods Carbonio intake and C2 program.

vw jetta 2.0t with borla exhaust
vw 2.0t jetta cat back borla Exhaust

06-09 VW Jetta MKV Takeda Air Intake System Dyno
Here is a 06-09 VW Jetta MKV Takeda Air Intake System on Dyno. Check out aFepower.com for photos, graphs, and instructions.

2006 Volkswagen Jetta Radio Removal

MKV VW Jetta GLI 20-135 MPH
2006 VW GLI, 6speed manual, APR Stage 1(91 octane), Neuspeed P-Flow CAI, Forge Spacer Valve, Resonator delete, and a Magna-Flow muffler. Video showing from a dig at 20MPH to about 135MPH. Sorry for the shakiness, I was holding the camera and shifting at the same time. Not bad for a 2.0T with a stock Exhaust system eh?

2008 MKV GTI - ATP 3" Downpipe w/ 3" Autotech Magnaflow Exhaust - Road Test
ATP 3" Downpipe w/ 3" Magnaflow Exhaust in car cruise on my 2008 MKV GTI. This video will give you an idea of how it sounds while driving around town & on the highway. The last few seconds of the video are in 6th gear accelerating from 60mph to 80mph.

MK5 Jetta 2.0T 3" Downpipe
Kyle„s 2008 Jetta 2.0T Wolfsburg Edition Mods: Revo Stage 2 Chip, BF Engineering CAI, Forge DV & Spacer, 3" Downpipe, Resonator Delete, BSH PCV Fix

2006 VW Jetta 2.5L Stock Engine Sound
Well, I was looking for a video or soundclip of a stock Jetta accelerating to show to some of my friends. I couldn't find any, so I just grabbed my camera, jammed it in under the headrest, and jumped onto the freeway to record it. After I was done there, I took it to a parking lot, aimed the camera at the front, and revved the engine for an external recording. I love the way this car sounds! Even the stock engine and Exhaust have a great note.

Cherry Bomb Celica GT VVTi 01 Glasspack drive
Sorry it took so long to drive with the Cherry Bomb, but I was in the process of moving. So this is the video of me driving. Again this is my daily driver, so I'm not worried about how fast the car goes, I'm only interested in how it looks and sounds, enjoy!

VW Jetta R GT
VW Jetta R GT

MKV Jetta GLI APR Stage 2 dyno with s-power exhaust
catless DP with 2.5' s-power cat-back 285hp

2005 VW Jetta 2.5L Engine Sound
For all those asking where to buy an APR Carbonio cold-air intake, here is the link. http://www.goapr.com/products/intake_... Here is the link to my video with the CAI installed (skip to the indicated time for the intake). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cE229XQWC-E NOTE: Don't watch in HD, the video isn't any better and teh audio is just as good. Sorry for the confusion; it is just how my software encodes the video. As you can tell by the temporary license I just got this car. I have uploaded my parents two other cars, and I finally have my own car! This brand new, new to me, Jetta. This car has EVERYTHING! This particular type of Jetta that has all these features was only made for six months from late 2005 to early 2006. It has wood trim, rain sensor, dual 12-way power seats, rear sunshade, and automatic dual zone climate control. It is powered by a in line 5 cylinder engine that produces 150 horses and 170 ft-lbs of torque. This is really a wolf in sheep's clothing! The intro song is Magic by The Cars. **Note: This car is warm and was driven prior to this video.** I had to repost this video because I forgot to put in the Exhaust sound from the rear. I can't believe I forgot about it for this long. So now the sound of the engine from the interior is much clearer and now you can hear the stock Exhaust. I will post a 0-60 video soon, hopefully!

Straight Piped 2.5L VW Rabbit
2nd gear pull 40-100mph in my slow 2008 5 speed 2.5L VW Rabbit. APR 93 tune Carbonio CAI ECS lw pulley NLS shortshifter custom dumped straight pipe catback Exhaust

my 04' jetta 2.0 flowmaster exhaust, loud!
this is my jetta i got a couple months back. i love this car but it is too slow so i was thinking of upgrading it. i was thinking of installing a Ko4 APR TUNING turbo but its a 2.0 so i dont know if you can do that. if you can please message me back. i want it to go to the 250-300hp barrier. im not looking into spending more than $3000. it currently has a flowmasters Exhaust and 17" tsw wheels Oh and if i do buy a turbo what else would i need so that the engine runs smoothly (Intercooler, cold air intake, etc...)? thanks sebas

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