VW Jetta MKv, resonator removed

I removed the resonator on my 2008 Jetta MKv 2.5L Exhaust system and replaced it with a straight pipe from the Cat to the muffler. It gives a better sound than the totally stock system IMHO. It's not as deep as I would like, but maybe if I put a SRI on ,it'll get a little deeper but you really can't complain when it only cost $75 vs. $600+

More Videos...

Jetta No Mid muffler.mp4
Cut my Middle "Suitcase" Muffler off sounds pretty good :P

06 vw jetta gli w/ cherry bomb exhaust doul tips

VW 2008 Jetta MKV Magnaflow exhaust
Volkswagen Jetta, Magnaflow muffler, without the resonater. This is not the entire Exhaust, just the muffler.

2009 MKV Jetta No res or suitcase muffler
This is my MkV 2.5 Jetta with a resonator and suitcase (first muffler) delete. I can upload any video of the car if you would like. This cost me $75 and I love the sound. Inside noise is still very low, but noticeable. No drone.