O&A: Patrice O'Neal Watches Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Show

Opie, Anthony and Patrice O'Neal Watch the 9/11 episode of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura. This leads to some conspiracy and wrestling talk. Videos included.

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Opie and Anthony - To Catch a Predator II (11/10/2005)
Opie, Anthony, and Patrice O'neal watch and discuss the second To Catch A Predator special by Dateline.

The Mel Gibson Tapes with Patrice O'Neal
The Opie and Anthony Show, with special guest Patrice O'Neal . https://www.facebook.com/BlackPhillipCult https://twitter.com/BitchManagement Listen and subscribe to the new Beige Phillip Show, hosted by Black Phillips' own Dante Nero. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-beige-phillip-show/id531521237 From O&A appearance number 112

O&A: Patrice O'Neal Sees Stan Meyer's Water Car
Patrice O'Neal watches Stan Meyer's Water Car news segment and discusses the conspiracy around it on Opie & Anthony. Video Included.

O&A Race War - Patrice O'Neal vs Nick DiPaolo