Mercedes SL 500 chasing a BMW M5 on German Autobahn Full HD

For more Background Informations, News and Pics of every Car like & follow us on: While driving on the Autobahn a BMW M5 pass us by. What happend next you can see in the Video ;) Soundcheck in the tunnel and then a little race to VMAX (car is limited to 250 km/h) Check our Channel out for more videos of this car! Comments/Likes are welcome! Subscribe us - don't miss our new videos!

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2015 AMG A 45 (381 hp) - 250+ km/h Acceleration (Autobahn) & Sound
The facelifted Mercedes-AMG A 45 in action. Sounds much nicer than before and handles a hell of a lot better. Video filmed w/ GoPro Hero4 Black.

500HP Audi S3 Launches (Wet 1/4 mile)
500+hp out of a four banger! It sure wasn't the fastest car that day. However, I must admit those full throttle launches were quite amazing! This turbocharged S3 sounds great, especially when it hits the rev limiter! Since this car is streetlegal (and has a pretty modest look), it's safe to say that it's a sleeper. If the track wasn't wet, it probably would have done the quarter mile much quicker. =========================================================================== ====================== Car: 2000 Audi S3 (first generation; 8L) Engine: 1.8 L inline-4 (+Garrett turbo) Max. output: +/- 500 whp Event: Automaxx Streetpower 2017 (Zandvoort, The Netherlands)

350 km/h (218 mph) 918 chasing Koenigsegg Agera R on German Autobahn Porsche vs Koenigsegg
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BMW M6 V10 G POWER vs Ferrari F430
let passing Nissan GT-R, F458, F430 then follow them, really amazing ride....