Carlos Racing index - 6.80 -et 6.88 @ 204 MPH(W) vs. Papote - index 7.15 et -7.56 @ 181 MPH (Foul)

Video by Ronda Semi Final Team Midwest vs Team PR

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Pac Performance Mazda6 SP 6.35@217 PB at 2014 X-Champs Meeting
What a way to start an event, running a bigPB right off the trailer. Check out this clip of our PB 6.353@217.21 run at the Sydney Dragway X-Champs meeting. After an average 1.01 60-foot the Mazda6 SP cruised down the strip arrow straight before George buttoned off the throttle 6.1 seconds into the run due to a bump in the track causing the car to turn the tyres and spike in the revs... This was our first pass of the day and currently sits us in the number 1 qualifier spot. This run was then backed up with a 6.64@201 with a better .98 sixty-foot however, tyre shake through second saw George on and off the throttle, rolling through the traps.

Carlos Racing 6.66 @ 207 MPH New Record !!!

Carlos Racing 6.829 @ 205MPH New Personal Record (20b Rx7)
Video by 2da Ronda Cualificatoria Team Midwest Vs Team PR @ Great Lakes Dragaway

El Papote Vs La Maijailin Segunda Ronda Eliminatoria Modified Compact
Segunda Ronda Eliminatoria Modified Compact El Papote - 7.20 @ 189 (W) La Maijailin - 7.37 @ 191 MPH