N/A E55 W210 0-200 KM/h in 16,9 sec (No Supercharger)

My W210 E55 with a Naturally Aspirated V8 engine going from 0-200 Km/h in 16,9 sec. Car has headers,Exhaust and Special ECU tune.

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Mercedes E55 AMG W210 0-250 km/h
Mit 235er Winterreifen. 0-80 4s 0-100 5.8s 0-160 11.7s 0-180 14.5s 0-200 18.5s 0-220 22.7s 0-240 27.7s 0-260 35.4s

E55 AMG W210 300 kmh
E55 AMG W210 débridée usine.

Mercedes Benz E55 ///AMG W210 0-270 km/h
Top speed model 98 w210 from 0 to 270 top speed LIM by computer about 48 secs.. Note:-- (( 3 )) people in car. by Adnan al-homsi

E55 AMG W210 300km/h
E55 AMG debridée...