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1989 Ford Thunderbird SC Super Coupe Supercharged 3.8 V6.MTS

1989 Ford Thunderbird SC Super Coupe Supercharged 3.8 V6.MTS


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Supercharged DOHC Thunderbird on a Mustang Dyno
Final #'s are 343 rwhp and 314 tq. at 6k Rpms.I plan to take i to other Dyno also. Finally got it tuned right, thanks to Dave and Kevin for getting it done. Drove 4.5 hrs each way to get it done but it is so worth it. Car feels much faster and stronger and runs 10X better. On the way back home i averaged 24 mpg.This was a Mustang Dyno which they told me it has a nickname "heart breaker" therefore #'s are lower then the other Dyno. People told me that i am probably closer to 400 rwhp. Anyways enjoy the video!

Built Sleeper 1989 Thunderbird Super Coupe screaming on the dyno
This is my cousin's 1989 Ford Thunderbird being Dyno tuned at National Speed in Wilmington, NC. 4/5/13

Thunderbird vs Mustang
Evento Cd del Carmen 2013 25 & 26 Mayo

93 Ford Thunderbird Super Charged 5.0
1993 Thunderbird Vortech SuperCharged 302, T-56 6 Speed. 395HP 383TQ at the wheels.

1991 Ford Thunderbird SC 3.8 Supercharged wine
Thunderbird Super Coupe 3.8 Supercharged with Intercooler has 5% performance pulley and K&N air filter sounds great photos @ http://okitrailriderz.com/Photos2/1991_Ford_Thunderbird_SC/page3.html

M90 SuperCharged 3.8 Mustang
Completed swap. 3.8 M90 Supercharger. Swapped Pulleys, Alternator, Power Steering, and blower from a 1993 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe. Currently Running good, but this is prior to checking fuel ratio and spark timing. Just got my tune yesterday (7/10) so there is still some changes to be made ;) -------------------------------------------------------- -1995 Ford Mustang- 3.8L - 232 - V6 (97 engine) OHV - 12 Valve Approx. horsepower: 256HP (150HP Stock) Approx. Torque: 330 lb-ft AOD-E Automatic Transmission W/Overdrive Interior: Black/Gray/Blue Exterior: Sapphire Blue Metal Flake 172,000 Miles on Odometer/Body/Transmission 120,000 Miles on Engine Approx Curb Weight: 3,000 lbs Length: 181.5" Width: 71.8" Height: 52.9" Production Numbers: 185,986 Base Price ('95): $14,330 Approx MPG: 19 City/20 Combined/21 Highway Fuel Tank Capacity: 15.4 Gallons Fuel Type: Premium (91-93) -Time Specs- 0-60: 6.5 Seconds (10 Sec Stock) 0-100: N/A 1/4 Mile: N/A (16.5 Sec Stock) 1/8 Mile: N/A -Aftermarket Performance- Eaton M90 Supercharger GT Throttle Body Cold Air Intake Kit Racing Front Mount Intercooler Kit Divorced Dual Exhaust Ported And Polished Aluminum Heads Ford Racing Aluminum Driveshaft Venom 30lb Fuel Injectors Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump K&N High Flow Air Filter Screaming Demon Coil Pack Taylor Street Thunder 8mm Spark Plug Wires NGK Performance Platinum Spark Plugs Spark Gap: .040 Automatic Transmission Performance Shift Kit Performance Transmission Oil Cooler Kit LOK Limited Slip Differential - 7.5" - 28 Spline Chrome Polished 130AMP Alternator Aftermarket Gears: Motive Performance Plus - 3.73 Gears Stock Axles: 7.5"/28 Spline Stock Camshaft: 184int/202exh .424/.448" valve lift. 110 Lobe sep, 105 Intake c/l -Suspension- Black Strut Tower Brace Tokico HP Series Rear Shocks Tokico HP Series Front Struts Stock Springs -Interior- Rear Seat Delete Kit (-50lbs) Custom Interior Paint (vents, shift column, door panels, dash) Matching Seat Covers (Blue/Black) Blue LEDs under dash Blue LEDs in Vents Aftermarket A-Pillar Twin Gauge Holder GlowShift Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge Kit Sunpro Vacuum/Boost Gauge -Exterior- Cobra R SVO Hood Black Hood Scoop Decal Hood Pin Kit Bullitt Style Black Fuel Door Black Bumper Letter Inserts Custom Painted Brake Calipers (Red) Raxiom Angel Eye Smoked Black Headlights Aftermarket Fog Lights Custom Painted Tail Light Frames (Black) 17x8 (All) Black Bullitt Rims 245/45/17 Sumitomo performance HTZ Tires w/Nitrogen Underside RustGuard and Painted (Black) Glass Pack Short Mufflers "BBK" Quarter Window Decals Door Edge Guards (Black) Black Rear Window Louvers Stainless Steel Tailpipes -------------------------------------------------------- --Some Useful Links I used for Reference-- Looking for Parts? - http://www.thunderbirdscshop.com/powerline.htm Want a step by step? - www.v6power.net/vb/showthread.php?t=30789 More Info - http://Mustangforums.com/forum/v6-1994-2004- Mustangs/640803-94-98-m90-supercoupe- Supercharger-installation.html

CMac89 Turbo SuperCoupe T-bird 805 HP V6 5spd
CMac89 turbo SuperCoupe 805 HP Tank

ford thunderbird (calabria)
thunderbirds y cougar.

1990 Thunderbird SC 0 to 120
This is a modded Thunderbird SC. Video was done on a flat country road with no other cars around, no wind, 50 degrees outside, and with not the greatest launch. pics and more in of car can be viewed here. http://www.sccoa.com/forums/garage_vehicle.php?do=view_vehicle&id=215

A more sophisticated, supercharged and intercooled version of the 3.8 L OHV V6 was used to power the high performance Thunderbird Super Coupe, also called Thunderbird SC for short. The Super Coupe could be had with a Mazda-derived, M5R2 5-speed manual transmission or an AOD 4-speed automatic transmission. The Thunderbird Super Coupe was Motor Trend's Car of the Year for 1989, which Ford proudly advertised. When running at a maximum of 5600 rpm, the Supercharger provided 12 psi of Boost, producing 210 horsepower at 4000 rpm and 315 lb·ft of torque at 2600 rpm under a 8.2:1 compression ratio. Accompanying the more powerful engine, Super Coupes were equipped with a host of unique features underlining their higher performance demeanor relative to standard Thunderbirds. Among these were larger, 16 x 7.0 inch alloy wheels with high performance tires (standard Thunderbirds came with 15 x 6.0 inch steel wheels and 15 x 6.5 inch alloy wheels were optional), a Traction-Lok limited slip differential, standard anti-lock brakes, 4-wheel disc brakes with vented front and rear rotors, speed-sensitive variable assist steering, lower body side cladding, fog lights, and a stiffer suspension with adjustable shocks supplied by Tokico. In spite of the new Thunderbird's merits, it was considered a FAILURE by Ford's top management. On January 17, 1989, Ford President Harold A. Poling, with Ford CEO Donald Petersen and Ford Executive Vice President Phil Benton looking on, lambasted the MN12 program's staff in a meeting for badly missing the Thunderbird and Cougars' weight and cost targets, 250 lbs. heavier and $900 US$ more per car than planned. This criticism came as a surprise to the program staff who expected to be praised for the Thunderbird and Cougars' technical achievements and positive reception. Anthony "Tony" S. Kuchta, manager of the MN12 program, was angered by Poling, not for his points about weight and cost overruns but rather that he directed his tirade at the program staff instead of at Kuchta who was responsible for all of the important decisions that determined the program's direction. Ironically, many of the decisions that Kuchta made regarding the MN12's development that resulted in the weight and cost overruns criticized by Poling were caused by the very things that set the MN12 cars apart from other cars in their class, such as rear-wheel drive and an independent rear suspension. Falling out of favor with Ford management after the Thunderbird and Cougars' launch, Kuchta voluntarily retired early from Ford in May 1989. 1990 T- Bird SC produced 15,742 units with automatic trannys and 6,067 units with manual transmissions. This examples shows an innovative engineering showcase and then shot down by Ford management. Thanks very much for enjoying this rare and wonderful 1990 Thunderbird SC.

Thunderbird SC dyno 3.8L V6
3.8L V6, 2.0L Autorotor, 433 RWHP and 424 RWT @ 18 psi, 7000 rpm solid roller cam.

1990 Ford Thunderbird Dealer Intro Part 1of2
Part 1 Introduction of the 1990 Ford Tunderbird, used to demonstrate its features and technology to Ford dealers and salespeople. The tape mostly features the T-bird LX but shows a demonstration of ABS brakes using a Super Coupe. These videos were only available to dealers and not for public viewing. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO AND POST IT ON YOUR CHANNEL!

1994 Thunderbird Supercoupe Project
Pulling my rare find out of the storage. 1994 Ford Thunderbird Supercoupe 5-Speed, one of 722 according to http://www.albeedigital.com/supercoupe/spex.html Has 180000 body miles, rebuilt engine, stage two clutch and flywheel, 3 inch Big Dog Exhaust all the way down, and 17 inch adr rims and falken tires. I have a custom cobra hood and xenon body kit however youll see my 97 here, they are originally for it. Im not sure if they fit yet. I am torn between putting everything i have in 94 or 97, either way i want the supercharged engine and transmission. But i dont think i could tear my super coupe apart. My Project Thunderbird SC Any and all ideas anyone would have would be appreciated!

93 Thunderbird Super Coupe T-Bird SC Supercharged
Thunderbird Super Coupe T-Bird SC Supercharged

78 Chevy K10 K 10 Stepside Scotsdale 4x4

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