84 Fenton

One of a kind engine in this 72 buick gs

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1971 Buick GS, Low mileage car
This is a friends very low mileage 71 GS. Started life as a 350 car but in 2002 was morphed into a 455 car. He bought it from the northwest sight unseen in 2000 and was the proverbial little old ladies car. he has the origional bill of sale and the corresponding title paperwork aswell as the very first tags that were issued in California. The build sheets and al the other things that make the cars more desireable are there too. The underside of the car and the interior metal pieces look like the day the car was assembled in Fremont California. Again, In all my years of being into Buicks I have never seen a car this clean and original. It doea have one repaint and that leaves a lot to be desired but have you seen a car like this lately?

turbo nailhead buick 401
mid mount custom built turbo setup on 1966 skylark gs. get ready for a shakedown ride.

Buick GS 455 Stage1 1970.mpg
First garage cruise on my own rebuild 455"/462" Stage1. Very nice sound from a real musclecar.

Young Buick Love Buick GS 455
My Buick GS 455 and my 7th year old son.