Test Drive: 1963 Volvo 122S Estate!

Hey, this is my friend Agent 0311's Volvo station wagon. Restored from a derelict field car over the last three years, off and on. A really fun car to drive, and should last a lifetime, unlike today's shit cars. These are rugged, honest cars with lots of charm and a great roar from the un-silenced twin SU carbs. High quality Bosch electrics and ZF steering box components are part of the reason these cars were so tough; most of the front end parts were still in perfect condition and were not replaced. This early Amazon still runs drum brakes all around, and charging is handled by generator. No upgrades were done to the car. The tires were sourced to match the original spare, still in the back. Hope you enjoyed looking at and listening to this great old car! See the story at volvo122s.blogspot.com, or check out coldwarmotors.blogspot.com if you really have to kill some time at work.

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The Volvo Rescue buys a 1967 122s Amazon - Episode 1
An exciting partnership has begun! We have teamed up with IPD on the restoration and customization of our newly acquired 1967 Volvo Amazon wagon! As far as we know, this will be the only TD Volvo 122. Music rights belong to their respective owners.

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Hey! Just a short video to say hello and thanks to a few people! Several people asked for a walk by a few of the other cars and previous projects around here so I thought I'd do that and say hi to some folks while I was at it... Thanks again to everyone who subscribed to our channel here; I'm going to try to get a lot more videos done this year, and I'll probably include some features on some of my friends' / customers' cars where appropriate. (Don't worry, I won't make you watch videos of me fixing dented Camrys.) Here is the link to Eric Anderson's website; he painted the picture of my Hudson and lots of other cool stuff: https://www.ericandersonart.com/collections/rusty-gold-1 ...and here is the link to CorvetteBen's YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheCorvetteBen Thanks everyone for tuning in; I'll be posting updates of all of these projects and more very soon! All the best to everyone from me and Stella and all of the other CWMC Agents! Please subscribe if you can! The more subs I get, the more videos I can do and the more cars I can save... Cheers! s&s coldwarmotors.blogspot.com Coldwarmotors on Instagram! #coldwarmotors

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Hey! Sorry for the long wait; I have just finished a new shop to work in, so I'll get back to making videos more now. This time we'll have a look at a couple of car projects that will be coming our way soon here... This is part 1 of 2; the next video will be up in the next few days! I hope you guys like the other stuff we have in store, too... something a little different for sure! Thanks to everyone for liking our videos and subscribing to our channel. Feel free to check out coldwarmotors on Instagram, too (if you like pictures of Stella, haha). I have a few videos coming up in the next couple weeks... just really busy now that the shop is finished! All the best from me and Stella and the Agents here at CWMC!

Volvo Amazon kombi 223 GT
Har renoverat en Volvo Amazon kombi från 1967.