Test Drive: 1963 Volvo 122S Estate!

Hey, this is my friend Agent 0311's Volvo station wagon. Restored from a derelict field car over the last three years, off and on. A really fun car to drive, and should last a lifetime, unlike today's shit cars. These are rugged, honest cars with lots of charm and a great roar from the un-silenced twin SU carbs. High quality Bosch electrics and ZF steering box components are part of the reason these cars were so tough; most of the front end parts were still in perfect condition and were not replaced. This early Amazon still runs drum brakes all around, and charging is handled by generator. No upgrades were done to the car. The tires were sourced to match the original spare, still in the back. Hope you enjoyed looking at and listening to this great old car! See the story at volvo122s.blogspot.com, or check out coldwarmotors.blogspot.com if you really have to kill some time at work.

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Dirty & Rusty Lowrider - Volvo 122 Amazon
NiickTV presents you the volvo 122 amazon. This badass is still running in it's 1.8cc twin su engine around town! Kean yap the owner did some customization to the ride such as custom choptop roof, custom front grill, mooneyes wheels. You may recognize this mafia well known with it's cigarette in it's mouth! Dirty & Rusty Lowrider In Malaysia Film & Edited by NiickTV Facebook : http://goo.gl/LvlBQJ Website : http://niicktv.com Follow our facebook page for daily updates.

1965 122S Wagon
For Sale 1965 122S wagon P1800 overdrive transmission B18B engine Weber carb

Compression Test and Engine Teardown B18 1967 Volvo 122/Amazon - IPD Build Off Production Video 14
This time we did a compression test on our B18 after doing a valve adjustment. We got low numbers (about half of those of a healthy engine) so something was wrong with our internals. We tore apart the engine to find that our top compression rings in each piston were broken, or worse. Sent the engine to a machine shop right away, and now we are waiting for the car and engine to be finished with these shops so we can get it all back together. Also put 1.25" spacers in the rear once our fenders were rolled and pulled. Now we are running a staggered tire setup: 235/45R17 rear and 215/45R17 front. CHECK OUT OUR IPD BLOG HERE: http://www.ipdusa.com/blogs/288/team-sin

1966 Volvo 122 Cold Start
Dual SU carbs. See other videos of this car including it's new engine at http://www.youtube.com/user/fourthstreetgarage