US F1 Team - Thoughts from Dan Gurney

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Dave Despain Bonus Footage - Dan Gurney, The Gurney flap
Dan Gurney, The All American Racer, shares his version of how the gurney flap came to be. Check back every week for bonus footage that we couldn't fit in the show!

Dan Gurney and the Eagle at Spa
Dan Gurney drives his Eagle Formula 1 car to win the Belgian Grand Prix.

US F1 Team - Bob Varsha Walk Around - Part 1

Robin Miller on Dan Gurney
From sports cars to Formula One in 23 races, the only man to ever build and drive his own F1 car to victory and a versatile star who won in Indy cars, Can-Am, NASCAR, F1 and sports cars, Dan Gurney's legacy extends way beyond his accomplishments behind the wheel. His All-American Racers helped changed the face of IndyCar racing with its Eagles, he helped accelerate the aerodynamic age with his "Gurney flap," his White Paper was the genesis of CART and IndyCar's most successful era and his clout made the Long Beach Grand Prix a reality. The Big Eagle is America's most influential racer and, at 85, is still sharp with his observations and memories. RACER's Robin Miller says the best present in the world is talking to Gurney on the phone twice a month and listening to stories about his amazing life. Subscribe to The Racer Channel here: Visit The RACER Channel for more video: Connect with RACER Online: Visit for daily racing news: RACER on Facebook: RACER on Twitter: