US F1 Team - Thoughts from Dan Gurney

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Dave Despain Bonus Footage - Dan Gurney, The Gurney flap
Dan Gurney, The All American Racer, shares his version of how the gurney flap came to be. Check back every week for bonus footage that we couldn't fit in the show!

RACER: Robin Miller with Dan Gurney
Dan Gurney was shocked, moved to tears and then reflected on how proud he still was almost 50 years later. Those were his reactions after son Justin presented him with the best birthday present ever on Monday -- his restored 1967 Eagle that he qualified in the middle of the front row at Indianapolis. "One of my favorites," said the 84-year-old legend on Wednesday while sharing stories with Parnelli Jones and Dario Franchitti as they admired the car at the All-America Racing shop in Santa Ana, Ca. "I don't think I've seen it since 1967 and it looks so good and brings back so many memories." Franchitti flew into Long Beach for this weekend's IndyCar race and drove right to AAR to see two of his heroes and a classic car. "What a day, I wish it wouldn't have ended," said the three-time Indy 500 winner whose appreciation and knowledge of history isn't lost on two of the all-time greats. "I think it's great that Dario cares so much about history and old guys like Dan and I," said the 1963 Indy winner. Subscribe to The Racer Channel here: Visit The RACER Channel for more video: Connect with RACER Online: Visit for daily racing news: RACER on Facebook: RACER on Twitter:

Dan Gurney and the Eagle at Spa
Dan Gurney drives his Eagle Formula 1 car to win the Belgian Grand Prix.

Nurburgring F1 1967 onboard
Fab onboard clip of 1967 Formula one.