Attacker How to break in the nitro engine In this video you will watch and learn how to break in the engine of ACME Attacker 1/8 scale nitro powered 4WD Off road buggy. Basically the rules to breaking in the engine of a RC Vehicle are all the same. Buggy will be available at and Remember when buying and checking out at hobby-estore, use my name Ali in the discount coupon box and enjoy instant 5% discount off anything you buy.

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How to Tune Nitro Engine Version 2 In this video tutorial basically I am following all the basic rules that apply to Nitro Engine tuning. I have previously posted a couple of videos on this topic. In this video you will see the approach in a very practical way using the ACME Attacker 1/8 scale nitro powered 4WD off road buggy that is equipped with SH18 engine.

How To Break In a Nitro RC Using The Traxxas Method
This is a very detailed video where I show you how to break in your new Traxxas Nitro Engine. This video features the T-Maxx 3.3 and goes from pre-inspection, all the way through the entire 5 tank process of engine break in. As always...Thanks for watching and have a blessed day!!!

How to Break in a Nitro Engine
As noted multiple times, there are a variety of ways to do this. Just focus on the intent when doing this.

Breaking in your new Nitro Engine
Check out this quick tutorial on how to break in your new nitro engine. For more information or comment please leave a comment in the comment box below