TRD special edition and FPV special edition

NEW in stock try new cardboard style bodykits for your ford or toyota lighter as well as slightly cheaper than your carbon fibre kits. Get away from those pesty subies and harden up your ride. call now for free quote on your own custom kit. 1800 SIK KIT

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KF Laser, Muffler Delete
All i did was unbolt the rest of the Exhaust from the cat.

TRDLZR - The BEST song ever about modified cars!!
This music video is an excerpt from the Mighty Car Mods Season #1 Finale - The Toyota TRD Ford Laser Ultimate DIY Mod Guide. If you haven't seen the finale - we recommend you watch that first. You can see the full length episode here: The song is available for free download at

Laser KH 94 Exhaust Sound
A NEWLY fitted cannon Exhaust

afm blew out of the piping