Removal and Servicing of Clutch Master Cylinder to Slave Cylinder Connections

This video demonstrates the proper techniques for disconnecting and connecting the clutch hydraulic line at the concentric slave cylinder. These procedures apply to clutch hydraulics on various vehicles from the Ford, GM, Chevrolet and Dodge families. For instruction bulletins and additional videos by our part number go to Presented by Gary Croyle of Perfection. If you need help bleeding a clutch hydraulic system on a Ford Ranger or Mazda B Series pickup please refer to the following video: ------ Perfection Technical Hotline: 1-800-258-8312 then dial 4

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Clutch Hydraulic System Air Bubble and Hydraulic Tips
This video shows how critical it is to get all of the air out of a clutch hydraulic release system. You get to see the bubble. Also a few special situations and what to watch for. For instruction bulletins and additional videos by our part number go to

How to bleed air from hydraulic clutch
Link to part 2 This is my 04 pontiac gto with a hydraulic clutch, i just replaced the throw out bearing and have air in the clutch line. Heres how i got it out. Obviously the clutch poppin method did not work for me but i have read it has worked for orthers, let me know if it works for you.

Ford Ranger Clutch Slave Cylinder Replacement - Driveway Style
How to replace the clutch slave cylinder and install the transmission on a manual gearbox Ford Ranger. This was a 2wd 1999 truck, but the same procedure applies to other years and models as well.

How to diagnose a bad clutch master cylinder
When there is no fluid being leaked out everywhere, this is how you test if a master cylinder is bypassing the seal back Into the reservoir.