dale earnhardt-crash

Hate him all ya want. Still a human beeing doing what he loved! Please show more respect? And he died of a basilar skull fracture. He cracked the base of the skull leaking cerebral fluid. That alone isn't an instant kill, but he also broke his neck in addition, so . . . Use seatbelts! and HANS devices

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The Day Remembering Dale Earnhardt 2/18/2001
I DON'T FEED TROLLS NO MORE COMMENTS a special that aired on Speed about Dale Earnhardt and the 2001 Daytona 500

Dale Earnhardt Fatal Crash (Original Footage)
Its funny no one realizes these guys risk there life every day for our entertainment. This tragic day is a good example of the danger this sport has to offer. IN MEMORY OF DALE EARNHARDT SR.

Dale's Crash part 2, including onboard camera view
Dale's last ride, including the onboard camera view, which I believe is not shown anymore. Unfortunately, since there has been so much childish bickering, swearing and name calling, I've disabled the ability to leave comments, which is not something I like to do.

The Big One
Its in 2001 where Tony Stewart crashes and when Dale Earnhardt dies, R.I.P Dale, we will all remember you. First video i have ever made, and had to switch audio cuz it got claimed by wmg.