Power-TEC 92269 Wheel Arch Reforming Tool

The new Power-TEC Wheel Arch Reforming Tool is designed to roll out damage on the wheel arch lip and adjacent panels. It is also used to role back a wheel arch lip to give clearance when wider wheels and tyres are fitted. http://www.power-tec.co.uk/item.aspx?item=7759

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Ремонт АУДИ после ДТП часть 1. Audi repair after an accident Part 1
Часть 2-я по ссылке https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSMOJR3tOLg Восстановить свой автомобиль может каждый, я так назвал фильм потому, что сам, не имея достаточного опыта, смог сделать ремонт своего авто. А те, которые видели автомобиль после ремонта, оценили высшим балом. Я не ожидал, что так получится. Restore your car and everyone can, so I called the film because he does not have adequate experience, I was able to make the repairs your car. And those who saw the car after the repair was rated higher ball. I did not expect that it happened.

Honda Civic Rolling Fenders
first try at rolling fenders on my civic, turned out good enough for me

引っ張りタイヤ SSR-12J/TOYO,225

Car Panel Repair by 3M Bodyshop [Step 1]
3M shows the car panel repair process using a range of industry accepted products, from paint removing abrasives to application of body filler using 3M's Dynamic Mixing System. Click 'show more' to see the products used in this video. See more at www.3Mbodyshop.co.uk Products used: -3M Panel Wipe (34567): http://www.3mdirect.co.uk/p-1388-panel-solvent-wipes-370mm-x-290mm-roll-of- 400-34567.aspx -3M Trim Masking Tape (06349): http://www.3mdirect.co.uk/c-534-automotive-masking-tape.aspx -3M 2-handed sander (28337) -3M Hookit P120 Abrasive Disc (50445): http://www.3mdirect.co.uk/p-2583-3m-hookit-abrasive-discs-15-hole-255p-ld86 1a-150mm-pk-100.aspx -3M Dynamic Mixing System -3M Hookit P80 Multihole Abrasive Sheets: http://www.3mdirect.co.uk/c-719-abrasive-sheets.aspx -3M Dry Guide Coat (09560): http://www.3mdirect.co.uk/p-2860-3m-dry-coat-guide-coat-cartridge-09560.asp x -3M Hookit P180 Multihole Abrasive Sheets: http://www.3mdirect.co.uk/c-719-abrasive-sheets.aspx