Les Turnbull run 8.88 on pump gas with stock motor zx14

Les Turnbull run 8.88 1/4 mile on pump gas with stock motor and pump gas

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ZX14 Stock Motor on nitrous
Anthony running Nitrous on his stock motor zx14

210 horsepower zx14 1/4 mile pass 9.49 141mph

Kawasaki ZX14 10 sec 1/4 mile
Test and tune at Willowbank Raceway 1/4mile passes still room for improvement. 3X10 second passes on my 2007 Kawasaki ZX14R

Worlds Fastest Stock Engine ZX14 - 8.406 at 156.27mph
World record setting pass from Randy Hope of Lil' Hope Racing located in Ontario Canada. Track was Toronto Motorsports Park on a hot humid day, and the first day out with the new bike. 60' - 1.322 1/8th mile - 5.375 at 132.17mph 1/4 mile 8.406 at 156.27mph