Porsche 924 RaceCar - having some fun at night

having fun with my porsche 924 RaceCar in middle of the night.

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Aliens vs Predator 2 - server crash exploit
This server crash exploit works on ALL servers that are currently running (20.06.2008). just need to join to be able to use this exploit. NOTE - i did not use ammo exploit (its not even possible in rommies mod) and i also did not use lithsec (also doesnt work on rommies mod). its my own exploit i discovered.

How to use command prompt ( cmd ) - basic tutorial
this is very basic tutorial on how to use command prompt. lot of noobz have no idea wht it is or how to open cmd based programs so i made this to answer all stupid and idiotic questions :)

Flashchat hacks - add room, ring bell, get admin icon
another video on how to hack flashchat. teaches you how to add rooms, get admin/mod icon and ring bell (when disabled).

Porsche 924 on Snow Onboard
Dedicato a chi diceva che con una 924, quest'inverno sulla neve non mi sarei mosso. Beh, occorre equipaggiarla correttamente, ed il divertimento è assicurato! Getriebe hinten - Motor vorn - Transaxle dazwischen. "Mehr Fahrsicherheit, aktive und passive" Alla pubblicità dell'epoca non c'è altro da aggiungere..