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1957 Kansas drivers revised part 1


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1957 Kansas drivers revised part 2

This was the first year of the 410 sprints and this is also the last race of that year , coming down to the wire on the points chase! Shane Carson , Terry Gray, and Bullet Bob Ewell go at it for the NCRA 410 Sprint Car title.

1959 Daytona 500 Part 1 Of 3
This part is kind of boring so you might as well skip it. There is rare footage of Bill Norkett's major crash at Daytona Beach though. Daytona, Florida February 22, 1959 Margin Of Victory: Measured 2 Feet Full results and other facts here: http://www.racing-reference.info/race?id=1959-03&series=W

Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins at the '68 NHRA Nationals
Excerpts of Jenkins taken from "NHRA National Drags" (1968) Credit goes to Bee-On Video. http://beeonvideo.homestead.com/ Video edit and enchancement by one-headlight@live.ca

The hornets nest gets kicked!

MAR-CAR footage presented by Shane Carson- COUPES ON THE OKLAHOMA CITY HALF MILE!!!!!
This is of the early to mid '60s at Oklahoma City Also footage of Tulsa

OkC supers 1989

Johnny Reimer USAC Stock Cars and Lake Geneva Modifieds.VOB
Johnny Reimer USAC Stock Cars_Lake Geneva Modifieds and Sportsmen

Antique Race Cars
Old race cars take to the track again in Southern California.

1951 Langhorne National Open Part 1 of 2
NASCAR Langhorne National Open Langhorne Speedway Langhorne, PA October 14, 1951

National Sprint Car Hall of Fame -1994 part 2

Stock Car Racing (in HD)
Willamette Speedway is a 1/3rd mile clay dirt track located in Lebanon, Oregon. The tracks racing season starts in April and runs throughout September. Each Saturday Night over 100 cars compete for championship points in the Sportsman, Classic Sportsman, Modified, Super Sport Late Model and Outlaw Dirt Late Models divisions. NASCAR

Supercharched Grand Prix Cars 1924-1939 (full version)
Believe it or not.... Supercharged Grand Prix cars of 1924-1939 full documentary

Largest Crash in NASCAR History
Thanks to Rustyfan for this great capture. In 1960 Daytona Superspeedway hosted this sportsman race. 68 cars entered into the race, back then there were a maximum of 68 cars in a superspeedway race. Coming out of turn four 37 cars get into a massive wreck where at least six cars get on their roofs. Amazingly, evryone walked away from this. By the way, I am really getting tired of people having arguments that lead to name calling and slander. If I see a comment that put another member down or uses any derogatory language, I will delete it and any replies to it immediately. Also, if you do not like racing or think it is a sport, that's fine, but at least give some logical thought into a comment that you post. I will once again delete any comment along the line of "nascar sucks" or "nascar is for dumb rednecks LOL!!1!1". All I ask is for some civilized conversation, and not trash talking.

A Texas Legend takes on El Centro -1963

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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