ford granada mk3 2.9 running on floor with carbs

a ford granada mk3 2.9 engine been converted for bangers with engineered distributor and inlet manifold

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Ford Granada 2.9L V6 - Jednokomorový karburátor SOLEX 32 PBISA
Přestavba motoru 2.9L V6 na jednokomorový karburátor SOLEX 32 PBISA. (Průměr difuzoru 26). Původní karburátor je poškozený a není možno ho opravit, proto jsem zvolil cestu přestavby. Motor funguje na první nastartování. Jen bohužel má toho už dost za sebou a je mrtvý, proto má takový rachtavý a klepavý chod. --- Ford Granada 2.9L V6 Single Barrel Carburetor

Ford Bronco II Build - Carburetor Conversion
My Son's 1988 Bronco II. We are retro fitting a 1988 Ford Bronco II from being fuel injection to being naturally aspirated. We removed the throttle body and are building an adapter to put on a carburetor. I hope you enjoy the video. This just goes to show you that you can do a lot with a "Can Do" attitude. The reason for the build was, the engine ran like crap, my son rebuilt it, but it didn't run any better. It would run when we put propane in the intake so we decided to put a carburetor on. So far so go. This makes this ride perfect for a "bug out" situation, no more E.F.I. to deal with. When we get the points distributor perfected all we have to do is to keep a spare set of points in a E.M.P. proof Tesla box. Please do not forget to comment below, And subscribe to keep up with the build.

Ford 2.9 v6 12v

Arena Essex All Granada Bangers 20/10/13
My HD highlights of the massively anticipated all granada meeting at Arena Essex raceway. Facebook -