Jeep SRT8 Twin runs 9.17@151!!!

Jeep SRT8 Twin turbo owned by Bill S. and driven by Big Al G. It's the Current World Record Holder..... and still going!!

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First 8 second Jeep! SRT8 Track quarter mile record INSANE HD/HQ
First Jeep to run 8's on the track. These things are monsters.

BoostedGT -vs- LSX Willys Army Jeep
Street Outlaws BoostedGT -vs- The LSX Willys Jeep during the Small Town Weekend Street Drags in El Reno Oklahoma. It looks like the Jeep got a bad start but it's a pretty cool match up between two internet famous cars. Glad to see the Willys got a roll cage!

Test Launch on Turbo Jeep
Fixed a few suspension issues and boom.... straight as a string again

Jeep Srt8 0-160mph in 20 seconds! 640RWHP street tune!
0-160mph on 640rwhp "street" tune..... I counted roughly 3.3 secs to 0-60 with loss of traction and 20 secs to 0-160 Not too shabby