Shooting RC Planes with Machine Guns at Big Sandy Shoot

... Amazing video of gas powered RC aircraft being shot down with massive machine gun fire! It all happened at the October, 2010 Big Sandy MG Shoot near Wikieup, Arizona. The weather started out iffy but turned into a blessing as there where no fires due to the earlier rains. We managed to run through 1500 reactive targets and 38 planes. The airplanes didn't stand a chance as everyone's Triple A capabilities were awesome. I do not remember any of the airplanes making it through more than 6 passes with most of them getting shot down in 2 or 3. The night flying was real cool to watch and presented a problem for our pilot to see his plane as most of the tracer fire was green and the lights on the planes were green.. We figured there where 200 rds a second going up at the planes when they presented themselves. The sky was filled with the tracers!

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How HARD is it to shoot down a HIGH SPEED Drone?
The RC airplanes at the Big Sandy Machine gun shoot are one of the favorite targets for shooters there. They call them "target drones", The tiny planes zip back and forth and are anywhere from 100 to over 300 yards away and are moving fast. The "vital" areas of the plane are very small and difficult to hit. It takes a direct hit of the engine, the fuel tank, the radio receiver or one of the servos to bring down the plane. Once in a while the RC pilot tapes explosives on the plane and rarely a bullet will hit that and blow up the plane. - More information on Big Sandy Machine gun shoot: Cost to spectate is only $25 for the whole weekend and you can camp onsite (included in price of admission). You won't regret going to watch this- it is very safe and spectator-friendly. We slept in the truck. rev. 1.7.15

Big Gun RC Combat 1 - WE SINK SHIPS
HobbyWars - 1/144 scale World War Allied/Axis models sink enemy ships with 1/4 inch ball bearings. This is Extreme Gaming with clubs all over the world. This is the South Coast Battle Group of Los Angeles, founded by J.C. White.

RC F117 Dropping Exploding Bombs
Its Chinese new year and ton of different kind of firework is available, thus giving us new fun ideas to try with our RC Planes. Here is the exploding bombs / firework dropping experiment with our old Crappy Lanxiang (LX Model) F117. Enjoy. Get Amazing RC hobby and toys products here Subscribe to and Find us on Twitter: Facebook: Google Plus: Highly Customized Aerial filming and Aerial Surveillance Solutions Thanks to Maker Studios for another great year! Click this link to join me at Maker and power up your YouTube channel Production music courtesy of Epidemic Sound Other Royalty Free Music by Comments and feedback welcome at , and

Giant Vortex Cannon
Veeery cool