two mercedes AMG G55 on a race in dubai desert

black and white g55 on a race in dubai desert climbing pink rock

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G55 spinning in the desert
alex is taking his black G55 for a spin in the desert. fyi: to all the experts commenting here that it's a G500 and not a G55, you are real G experts. NOT. It's a 2003 G55 with US specs and at 0:39 you can clearly see the side Exhausts and the AMG logo on top of the V8 badge. And no, in 2003 the G55 didn't have a Kompressor yet. It was only released in 2004 and then they added a Kompressor badge below the V8. So, once and for all, it's a G55 with the engineer's signature on the motor block plus the AMG logo.

Beautiful white Mercedes G55 Kompressor in the arabian desert
Desert trip in a white Mercedes G55 Kompressor. Shot somewhere in the Emirates. Dedicated to the G Wagen lovers

Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG G-Class 6x6 Concept Car in the Dubai Desert
read more: - This video leaked at a Mercedes-Benz Facebook page and shows an amazing offroad fun clip of a probably soon-to-come Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6x6 G-Class 6wheeler. Awesome Videography. Pure pleasure to watch. No sound though :( As far as I know, it was recorded in the deserts of Dubai. More here_

G55 vs Nissan patrol 6.2l V8
this race is between a nissan patrol 1998 with a gmc denali 6.2l v8. and a mercedes G55 wagon. (dubai UAE street race). سباق نيسلن وسط مكينة جمس 6.2 و مرسدس ج55