Track Bar Bushing Replacement Dodge Ram 2500

We replaced the Track Bar Bushing because the truck would wander on the road while driving and steering was loose.

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Bark Buster Log Wood Splitter 3 Point PTO Screw Type Operation
I got this log splitter when I bought the 1953 Ford Jubilee. When I tried to find out about it I was surprised to see that they had all been recalled years ago due to safety concerns. It doesn't work as well as a hydraulic ram style, but it gets the job done.

Dodge Ram Front Wheel Bearing Failure and Replacement Part 1
Part 2 This is the same side the accident was on. The bearing seemed okay then, but it may have been damaged.

Front U Joint and Wheel Bearing Replacement Dodge Ram 2500 4 wheel drive
Be sure to watch the whole video if you are going to do this job.

Front Axle 4 Wheel Drive Actuator Replacement 4x4 Dodge Ram
The front axle engages now! The truck is terrible in snow and mud with just the rear wheels being powered.