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Track Bar Bushing Replacement Dodge Ram 2500

We replaced the Track Bar Bushing because the truck would wander on the road while driving and steering was loose.


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It's fixed and back on the road!

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The truck was pulling to the right and there was smoke coming from that side. The repair was simple and not too expensive.

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Bushing replacement shortcut
UPDATE*** THE SPRING IS STILL FINE UNDER THE CAR AND HAS NOT FAILED Short little video about the way I replace bushings. I've tried the press and air hammers but this is by far the easiest and quickest way I've found to replace bushings on upper/Lower A-arms, Trailing Arms, Leaf Springs, etc....

How to Solve DEATH WOBBLE in a Dodge Ram Truck HEAVY DUTY
http://www.gofasthavefun.ca This video explains the main culprit that causes death wobble in 3rd generation heavy duty Dodge Ram Trucks. Installation tips are given regarding the track arm bushing. Go Fast have Fun

Service U-joints in minutes using the Tiger Tool 10105 U Joint Puller & 10202 Bearing Cup Installer
Tiger Tool 10105 - U Joint Puller: U-Joint Puller designed to fit cars, light-duty trucks, and farm machinery.Fits u-joints with bearing cups 1.0" to 1.25" O.D" - Eliminates dangerous vice and socket, or hammering methods. - Removes sealed u-joint cups in minutes. - Does not damage the driveshaft, yokes, joints, or bearing cups. - Patented design provides the most effective mechanical advantage for disassembly. - Heavy-duty construction. - One piece unit (no assembly required). No bolts, no cables, and no adapters. Tiger Tool 10202 Bearing Cup Installer: The Tiger Bearing Cup Installer installs two bearing cups in one procedure. An encased magnet retains bearing cup #2 in place over the yoke assembly opposite the forcing bolt. Meanwhile, bearing cup #1 is maintained in place by the force of the rotating plunger at the end of the threaded bolt. Both bearing cups are pressed simultaneously, freeing the mechanics hands to both; operate an air-wrench, and; maintain the position of the u-joint cross during the installation procedure. Fits virtually all medium and light-duty universal joints. More Info Here: http://www.tigertool.com/product/20503

ReadyLIFT Ford Super Duty F250 F350 Anti Wobble Trac Bar Installation
ReadyLIFT demonstrates the features and benefits of the new Anti-Wobble heavy duty trac bar for 2005-UP Ford Super Duty F250, F350, F450 and F550 trucks. Eliminates the factory "death wobble" commonly experienced on many Ford Super Duty trucks.

How To Install Replace Sway Bar Link Dodge Caravan 96-07 Chrysler Town and Country - 1AAuto.com
http://www.1aauto.com/1A/SwayBars/Dodge/Caravan/1ASSL00032 1A Auto shows your how to replace the sway bar links on your Dodge Plymouth or Chrysler minivan, years 96, 97, 98, 99, 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, and 07. This is a common problem that causes your minivan to lean a lot when turning. Follow along as Mike shows you how to replace them and an important tip if you get stuck on some rust.

How to replace the track bar in a Dodge Ram
I demonstrate a worn track bar in my 1998 Dodge Ram, and I show how I swapped it for an aftermarket Moog bar. Track bar movement is one of the possible causes of front end vibration, causing a syndrome of "death wobble", sometimes described in Dodge Rams and Jeep trucks. Although I had some steering wheel drift, I did not notice any form of front end wobble on my vehicle. This video is published for entertainment purposes only, so do not misconstrue this as an instructional guide. I am not a professional mechanic, and any misadventure resulting from your attempt to repair your vehicle is your responsibility.

Jeep Cherokee Ball Joint Replacement part 1 - HD
This is footage from 2009-09-11 when I replaced the ball joints on my 1986 Jeep Cherokee. I tried to get it down to 1 video, but I couldn't condense 5 hours into 10 minutes. The only thing not shown is taking the brakes off. Here's the writeup: http://joereid.com/2009/09/15/cherokee_ball_joints

Ball Joints Driver side Ram 2500 Diesel
Ball Joints Driver side Ram 2500 Diesel

Inner Tie Rod End Removal Walkthrough updated
Inner Tie Rod End Removal Walkthrough updated

How To Install Repair Replace Front Wheel Bearing Hub Dodge Ram 1500 02-08 1AAuto.com
http://www.1aauto.com/1A/wheel-bearing-hub-front/Dodge/Ram-1500-Truck/1ASHS 00087 1A Auto shows you how to repair, replace, fix, change or install a worn out, vibrating or groaning front wheel bearing hub. This video is applicable to the 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, and 08 Dodge Ram models.

Eliminating Dodge Ram Death Wobble.
The video is self-explanatory: it describes how I finally eliminated the death wobble.Specs: 1996 Dodge Ram 2500HD 4x4 V-10 converted to a Power Wagon. 77k original miles. Many many new parts (shocks,flow master mufflers,battery,shorty headers,custome side-mirrors with turn signals,water pump,triple-train horns, 35's,customized tail lights and head lights,bed mat, etc). Just an all-around well-kept truck. May be willing to sell at the right price.

Death Wobble - Track Bar Conversion to Fix Death Wobble - KevinsOffRoad.com
Death Wobble Cure: Highlights of the KevinsOffroad.com Track Bar Conversion and Super Durometer Bushings to help stop Death Wobble on the Jeep ZJ Grand Cherokee, the Jeep XJ Cherokee, and the Jeep MJ Comanche - KOR-9001 Track Bar Conversion for Jeep XJ MJ ZJ Hey guys. It's Kevin from KevinsOffroad.com . Today we are going to look at one of our Track Bar Conversions. This is what we use to get rid of Death Wobble on the XJ Cherokee and the ZJ Grand Cherokee, and we've been using it for a lot of years. It seems to work really, really well...I'm going to show you all the components that are involved. First off, we have the lower end. That goes down on the axle side. We've got a jamb nut that goes on over it, and then this assembly threads into this main bar here. Now, this bar, you'll notice, has an open end...it does not have a bushing like the normal factory track bar would. This is an after market JKS track bar, which is mounted from the bottom side of the Track Bar Bracket on the Jeep. This piece goes up through the bottom of this bracket here. You can see the little hole which is left over. This bracket has been modified with this extra piece down below. We do that for two reasons, one to keep the cost down for you guys, but most importantly, you'll see this rib on the back side of this bracket here. This mounts to the frame here... you have two bolts that come up from the bottom and two bolts that come in from the side. When the Jeep turns left and right, the axle moves left and right, and the Track Bar's job is to keep it positioned so that it doesn't move, so if you don't have this rib on the back side of this thing, what happens is this bracket actually bends like this... there are some After market brackets that are on the market that just bend, and then you still have Death Wobble problems, so this is very, very important, and key to a good solid design. The bar fits into the bottom here, and it gets a Grade 8 half-inch bolt through it. You have your option of either the bushings that come with it normally... these are the same bushings that would come in any after market track bar...made by Daystar...or you have the upgraded Super Durometer bushings that we have manufactured specifically for us. This is an exclusive KevinsOffroad.com product... you can't get this anywhere else. I'll show you the difference. If you squeeze this, you may be able to see on camera how it mushrooms out a little bit. If I squeeze this one...uurrrrr...no mushrooming. So, this is a 60 or so Rockwell Durometer bushing, this is a 45 or so...so this one's approximately one third to half again stiffer. I think this one might be like a 62 or 64 or something...I'm not a hundred percent sure on that. It's much, much stiffer. What happens is that these bushings get put together as a pair, and they go inside of this here, and then the other end goes inside, just like that...in fact, I'll show you...maybe not very well... well, I won't waste your time with that, but basically everything slides together... a pair goes in here, and this tightens up the steering immensely because of the lack of movement the track bar is allowed, because these bushings don't crush any longer since you've got these Super Durometer bushings. So, basically, this is why this is such a wonderful bar if you're having Death Wobble problems. So, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to give us a shout. Our e-mail address is sales@kevinsoffroad.com ... and if you want to give us a call it's 602-841-3355. Thank you very much! I really appreciate it, and let us know how we can assist.

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