Kawasaki KFX 700 Backfiring Follow-up, Is it Fixed

This video follows several where the atv backfires while idling and deceleration. It ran great when accelerating. This video is after I worked on the carburetors.

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Kawasaki KFX700 Carburetor Cleaning
Here I work my way through a carb cleaning.

Brute force backfire problem
I bought this 2006 750 it had a backfire problem when I bought it so I cleaned the carbs now this is what it does

teryx backfire, loss of power fix
This is the fix I found for the loss of power and backfiring on a 2009 Kawasaki 750 Teryx with fuel injection.

08 Teryx kawasaki brute force 750 carb backfire
08 Kawasaki Teryx brute force 750 carb backfire