Modified 01 Chevy Malibu (HD)

Info below V6 3.1 liter engine. 4 door car automatic windows power locks cruise control ABS braking driver and passenger airbags traction control My Modifications: paint- gloss black (originally tan) $1000 - MAACO bodykit- VFiber -- cyber style $513 spoiler -- aluminum by Megan Racing $100 rims- BZO Scorpion 17 in $950 (including wheels) wheels -- Sunew brand 17 in iPex Angel Eyes/Halo projector headlights with LED $120 Euro Altezza taillights $150 blue underglow- neons, not LED (neons shine brighter) attached to switch on console $70 Extreme Dimensions universal hoodscoop $10 lol Pulstar spark plugs Magnecor Spark Plug Wires Weapon R Dragon air intake (havent installed yet) 3A Racing chrome Exhaust tip -- with silencer $25 RS-1 Tuning racing pedals $10 LED lights under dash (removable) go with music or you can set it seat covers, steering wheel cover from AUTOZONE Kenwood KDC-X395 head unit with eXcelon enhancement and usb/aux/cd/mp3 $120 DM 6x9 1000watt speakers $60 for set of 2 Pyle 4x6 320 watt door speakers $80 for set of 2 SPX Pro Audio 1000 watt amp mounted in trunk wired to battery $150 (sub, box, amp, wires) - Pepboys 2- 12 inch SPX Audio 1000 watt boxed subs in trunk Viper 350 HV Alarm Security System with Keyless Entry $350 - Best Buy Whistler XTR-130 radar/laser detector mounted above mirror wired directly to passenger side fuse box $140 Best Buy Priced between 2009-2011

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Chevy Malibu on 20"
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2.25 in/out magnaflow high flow cat, 2.25 in/out 12 inch cherrybomb glasspack in place of resonator, oval stainless steel tip, rev

6x9 Rear Car Speaker Installation: '97-'99 Oldsmobile Cutlass/'97-'03 Chevrolet Malibu
This video will show you how to install 6x9 car speakers in a '97-'99 Oldsmobile Cutlass or '97-'03 Chevrolet Malibu. [NOTE: Due to the amount of comments I have received, I'll state it right here that the song that first played over the speakers was "Yellow" by Coldplay. Thanks to those who have informed me about this; I had just happened to turn to a random station on the radio that day.] This is for a very, very, very homemade basic installation job. For my car, considering that I got it used and it's not worth that much, I wasn't going to put a $500 brand new sound system in my car. However, after one year of driving around with one dead speaker and one touchy speaker (one bounce would knock the sound out, and the next bounce would restore the sound), I decided to take matters into my own hands (And,'s also summer! I want to drive around blasting music out my car windows, too! :P ). And now for instructions.... Tools Needed: * Screwdriver * Scissors * Electrical Tape * Needlenose Pliers * Tweezers * 6x9 speakers Maybe Needed: * Soldering Iron + Solder * Speaker Wire (if not enough available to strip insulation from the factory wiring) Directions (it's also probably in your best interest to disconnect the negative terminal of the car battery prior to beginning the installation job): 1.) Remove speaker cover and unscrew speakers from speaker frame 2.) Lift speaker out of frame and unclip the factory speaker from the wires. 3.) Cut off the factory clip 4.) Strip 1 cm of the wire insulation off of the wires 5.) Test polarity by laying the stripped wire directly on the speaker terminals and turning on the car radio. Clear sound = correct polarity; no sound/crackly sound = incorrect polarity 6.) Crimp on wire clips, making sure that when the wire clip connected to the terminal, that the bare wire touches the terminal 7.) Connect wire clips to wire clip terminals on speakers, then cover with electrical tape to secure the connection 8.) Place speaker in speaker mount without screwing it in and test volume as a final check. 9.) Screw speaker in the mount and enjoy! EDIT 6/20/2014: I sold this car (due to cracked frame/springs, broken tire rod, this 1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass had 163,794 miles on it when I sold it) and now upgraded myself to a Honda Fit! Thanks to all that have watched this throughout the years!!! (And to answer the question I keep getting the most, yes I am female and interested in working on my cars!)