Tiger Tank " Hand Crank Engine Start Up "

The hand crank starter, is the recommended way of starting a Tiger in cold weather conditions, it also has an electric starter.

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Tiger Day 2015
A few months ago I got an email from the Bovington Tank Museum. "Jingles, would you like to come along to Tiger Day as a VIP guest of the museum and film the whole thing for YouTube?" WHAT IDIOT'S GOING TO SAY NO TO THAT? The Tank Museum http://www.tankmuseum.org/home Friends of The Tank Museum http://www.friendsofthetankmuseum.org/

Tiger Tank 131 Sounding Great In The Mud and Rain.
The Maybach 230 engine was sounding great at Tiger day 2014, and the bad weather really added to the tough look of the authentic Tiger1. http://www.tankmuseum.org/visit-us

The 'War Horse' Tank
The Tank Museum has obtained the tank used in Steven Spielberg's new World War One blockbuster Warhorse. The fully operational replica of a British Mk IV tank is set to go on display when the film is released next week, and will also be used in the Dorset based Museum's tank displays later in the year. The full sized replica was based on the Museum's own Mark IV, which was built in 1917. OSCAR award-wining special effects company Neil Corbould Special Effects LTD, whose credits include Saving Private Ryan and Gladiator, visited The Tank Museum in 2010 to take measurements from the vehicle and copy original documents related to the MK IV tank held in the Museum's Archive.

Real Russian monsters. Part 1
This is a video about the biggest Russian stuff Sound tracks: 1. Clint Mansell - Lux Aeterna 2. 3. New Suit - Geoff Zanelli 4. X-Ray Dog - Gothic Power (not for sure) 5. Слава - В небо