Monster Truck Crash Compilation

This is a compilation video I put together, of monster truck crashes.

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Most Unbelievable Motorsport Crashes [No Music]
Crashes happen all the time in motorsport. Some, though, are more spectacular than the rest. These are the most unbelievable of all... For those wondering, here is a list of the series featured... 0:10 - BRDC Formula 3 0:36 - Formula Renault 2.0 0:50 - FIA European Formula 3 1:36 - Continental Tyre Sports Car Challenge 2:08 - World Series by Renault 3:00 - Bruce McLaren Trophy at the 74th Goodwood Members' Meeting 3:19 - BRDC Formula 3 3:47 - Super Race 4:29 - Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge 5:14 - FIA World Endurance Championship 6:16 - Classic Formula Ford 6:41 - British GT 6:57 - TCR International Series 7:12 - World Superbike Championship 7:21 - Ginetta Junior Championship

Monster Truck destruction - Megasaurus
Bangor, ME - Cross Insurance Center 4/7/17

Monster Truck Crashes and Carnage (PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION)
This video was made 3 years ago, when I was just starting out and putting stuff together for fun. This is NOT my footage in any way, just a fun compilation of crash videos. If you don't like the music (which I no longer have a taste for), you may mute the video and listen to your own music. If you prefer videos with just the monster truck sounds, I suggest you check out my new project MonsterTruckManiaTV (see link and info below). Some people do like music-videos though, so if that's your thing then this is for you. My taste in music has since changed (die-hard power metal and thrash metal fan now), and I'm doing different types of videos. Please check out my new projects: MONSTERTRUCKMANIATV: Me and my friends film monster truck shows and edit the footage together into a TV style video format, and at the end of the year we make a big highlight video. FATAL TRAGEDY: My band, still in development. Progressive-thrash metal. Our influences include Dream Theater, Rush, Megadeth, Nightwish, Pantera, A7X, Queensryche, Metallica. We will begin recording out first album soon, and uploading other music related videos.

Top 5 Most Historic Monster Jam Freestyles!!
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