Aero Turbine 3030xl muffler 5.3L GMC Sierra

The 3030xl (resonated) Aero Turbine muffler on my stock 2003 gmc sierra 5.3L. Muffler was put in the same location as stock muffler with the same tailpipe. basic muffler swap. Really enjoy the sound i get from it. its plenty loud withought being overwhelming, and only has a little bit of drone that you get used to in 5th gear on the highway around 2000 rpm. Sounds awesome and different from the big brands! would highly recommend!! GoPro doesnt do it justice but gives you an idea

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2005 Sierra 1500 5.3 Aero Turbine / Jones Turbine 3030XL muffler
2005 Sierra 1500 5.3 L33 CAI + Aero / Jones Turbine 3030XL 3" welded stainless from factory cats back. Cold start 67 degrees out, 250 miles on the muffler so far. Takes 1000 or so for them to completely break in. Very happy with the sound, I'd recommend it to anyone that wants a moderate/refined growl that isn't obnoxious cruising on the highway.

Aero Turbine Exhaust on a 2011 GMC Sierra 5.3L
All stock besides a Aero Turbine Exhaust and a Aero Turbine 4" Exhaust tip. I could went with duals but everyone has that so I went with a real clean set-up and im pleased. But I was strongly considering a Flowmaster like i had on my old jeep.......

Aero Exhaust AT2525XL - 1999 GMC Sierra 5.3L
Here is the progress at various stages of creating a custom Exhaust for my 1999 GMC Sierra 5.3L. My parts list: JBA Cat4ward Shorty Headers (Part # 1850S) Magnaflow Core - HottExhaust Tubing ( Part # PL93419) Vibrant Ultra Quiet Resonator (Part # 1141) Aero Turbine Exhaust Muffler (Part # AT2525XL) All cutting, welding, and installation performed by me.

Aero turbine 3030xl 2010 Sierra 1500 5.3
2010 GMC Sierra 1500 5.3 v8 spectre CAI stock cats stock pipes aero turbine 3030xl muffler....