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Trooper pulls over SC mayor, then mayor pulls trooper over
January 24, 2012 The South Carolina Law Enforcment Division is being asked to investigate whether a mayor overstepped his bounds. Norway is a small town between Aiken and Orangeburg. The town's mayor may be in hot water yet again.

Grayson County Sheriff Pulls Me Over And Goes On A Fishing Expedition
Never argue with police as that will only prolong the traffic stop. Just remain silent and don't answer questions. Let them gather the evidence against you, don't offer it to them.

State trooper pulling over vehicles
Georgia State Patrol trooper pulling over vehicles on Ga. Highway 316 for traveling in the left lane without passing.

Police Misconduct: King County Sheriff's Department 8/16/17
This is a clip from an interaction I had with a man on 8/16/17 who claimed to be with the King County Sheriffs Department. Watch my update videos discussing the fallout and repercussions of posting this video: Update 1: One week later - Update 2: Three months later - Follow me elsewhere ►TWITTER - @SquidTips, or non-motorcycle opinions @AyyJayAre ►PATREON - Support my work ►STREAM - ►EMAIL - Media inquiries News stories and interviews about this video: - The Young Turks - CNN n - The Daily Mail e-rider-traffic-stop.html - The Seattle Times -traffic-stop-threatened-at-gunpoint-but-he-wasnt-ticketed/ - The Stranger -traffic-stop-threatened-at-gunpoint-but-he-wasnt-ticketed/ - The Stranger also investigated and found similar complaints in this Detectives file d-a-gun-on-a-motorcyclist-had-a-history-of-road-rage-complaints - KIRO7 int-by-deputy/599696168 - KING5 affic-stop/468786232 - Q13FOX shows-him-pointing-gun-at-motorcyclist-in-traffic-stop/ Linking directly to this video for media/news organisations is OK, however I have offloaded the responsibility of licensing and usage, to another company. Please contact for any licensing requests.