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State Trooper Pulls Over Sheriff

A trooper pulls over the county sheriff after suspicion of driving under the influence.


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Video Role Reversal Man Pulls Over Cop For Speeding!
This Guy Got Some Cohones. cop is pretty pissed more videos on http://www.ocalavibe.ocm

Brake checking a cop...
"KEEP RIGHT EXCEPT TO PASS" IS THE LAW IN CERTAIN STATES! While riding the left lane for no apparent reason this van was approached from behind by a sheriffs patrol car (clearly marked lights on top, black &white etc.) The van either didn't see the car at first or decided he wasn't going to pull to the right (which is the travel lane for those who still cant grasp that concept) I was becoming more and more amused by this and decided to start recording with my dash-cam. The cop was not amused so he flashed his lights to the van several times, started riding the rumble strip and tailgating (note the weather...) The van driver for whatever reason decides it would be a good idea to brake-check the cop!!! And so it goes for quite a while until van guy pulls to the right lane as I'm contemplating going an extra exit or 2 to follow the unfolding saga...but as the cop starts to pass the van (I'm in the exit lane already) the most wonderful thing happens... (Sullivan County, New York, Route 17, exit 109)

Cop pulls over another cop for speeding....
Florida Trooper pulls over Miami Cop for goin 120mph and cuffs him...

Police Chase Stolen Truck Shooting Sparks
A stolen pickup truck is chased down the freeway sending sparks all over.

Police Chase SUV That Leads to a Footrace
A SUV is chased until one of its tires blow and then the driver leads police on foot.

3 police owned by a street racer!

Beautiful Policeman Writes Ticket While Motocross Riders Fly Right By
This cool dude takes his job a little too seriously

Amazing Hgh-speed Car Chase by State Trooper
A Spartanburg, S.C., man on Wednesday received 16 years in state prison after admitting he led a state trooper on a high-speed chase, fired shots at the officer and threw computer equipment out of his vehicle on Oct. 13, 2008. Christopher Adam Tessigner, 27, pleaded guilty to assault with intent to kill, failure to stop for a blue light, possession of methamphetamine and possession of Lortab charges that stemmed from the incident. Remarkably, no one was injured during the chase, despite many close calls. The chase lasted several minutes, originating on Highway 9 and Fourth Street in Boiling Springs, S.C.. Tessigner eluded the trooper by running a red light, but authorities soon found the car, the car's passenger and Tessigner in a field near Cedar Crest Road and Granite Park Lane.

State Trooper Draws Gun On Undercover Cops, Profanity Laced Argument Ensues
video obtained 8/29/13 really heats up around 6:30 NEW JERSEY - An angry confrontation between a New Jersey State trooper and local police officers was all caught on camera. It was an embarrassing verbal slugfest and a turf war between cops. The anger, the swearing, and a gun pulled from a holster, all played out on the New Jersey Turnpike in front of two suspects pulled over by a plain clothes policeman. The state trooper who confronts the undercover cop was skeptical about the whole thing. That's when the fur flies. It's all about perception; plainclothes cops were outraged that a fellow officer, a state trooper, pulled a gun on them. The trooper claims he was just being cautious. The result was an ugly confrontation. The fallout was that two Bergen County Police Officers were disciplined. The confrontation, first obtained by Cliffviewpilot, begins when a New Jersey State trooper, Jeremy Mickewicz, unholsters his gun as he approaches an unmarked police van with police lights that has stopped a car on the Turnpike in Leonia, New Jersey. Bergen County Police Officer Robert Douboue sees the gun. "I want to see your ID," Mickewicz said. "I'm county police. Don't pull your weapon, brother," Douboue said. "Shut your *expletive* mouth, I'll do it if I want to," Mickewicz said. State police say the trooper was responding to a series of carjackings where robbers posed as undercover officers, but the war of words escalated over the pulled gun. "You better have a good reason why you are whipping out your weapon," Douboue said. "I do. Armed robbery," Mickewicz said. At one point, the trooper pushes the cop, and it gets even more heated when Bergen County Police Sergeant Gabriel Escobar arrives. "Shut your *expletive* mouth. Get out of my *expletive* face," Escobar said. "You don't know what's going on out there. You didn't give me an *expletive* chance," Mickewicz said. "You pulled an *expletive* gun on me, you scumbag. If you weren't in uniform, I'd wipe the street with you," Douboue said. All of this happened, as two suspects pulled over by the Bergen County Police Officer sat in their car. "You pulled a *expletive* gun on me, you are the *expletive* police, you scumbag. You have my ID. If I pulled my gun on you, how would you feel, if I pulled my gun on you, how would you feel?" Douboue said. "I've tried to explain this to you. We've had a rash of them the past month, a rash of three of police impersonators," Mickewicz said. "Arrest the police impersonators, so don't come out here *expletive* rocking a *expletive* uniform pretending that you are better than anyone," Douboue said. The Superintendent of the State police said he stands firmly behind the actions of the trooper. The Chief of the Bergen County Police made a comment about his officers. "I think they could have handled it differently," Chief Brian Higgins, of the Bergen County Police said, "I understand they were angry, to have a gun pulled out at you by a fellow officer. The actions of our officers and the words they used are not part of our procedure, but they're human, it's been addressed, I can tell you that."

Yamaha FJ 1200 Tries To Outrun Police
Bike cam of high speed pursuit on city streets

Troopers - Inside The Florida Highway Patrol

Prague Police Chase Women in Kia Sorento
Prague Police chase.

Trick Plate On Audi RS6 :)
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Virginia State Trooper and Trucker save family_wtvr122109.wmv
Virginia State Trooper Scott Bass and truck driver Joseph Weavil save family after their car ran off the road and landed 25 feet down a snow covered embankment on Dec. 21, 2009.

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