Students Build Electric Car

Rising gas prices have some Nebraska students looking at the next big wave in travel.

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12 Cheapest Electric Cars on Sale in 2017 (Review of Prices and Technical Characteristics)
Modern manufacturers seem to have placed a bet on the EV market segment and start producing all new electric automotive lines. But despite years of automotive research, modern EVs suffer from such downsides - low driving range; long charging time and the price. All of these downsides need to be addressed by manufacturers in the future. But right now it seems that many people are ready to cope with the low driving range and long charging time and only the price seems to scare potential customers away. So today we offer to take a look at the electric cars that provide the best technical specs for your money. Tesla Model 3 - KIA Soul EV – Volkswagen E-Up – -e-up/view/4259755/6e1e015af7bda8f2a4b42b43d2dcc9b5?p_p_auth=ZwqanJa3 Nissan Leaf – Hyundai Ioniq – Chevrolet Bolt EV – Ford Focus Electric – Volkswagen e-Golf – Mitsubishi i-MiEV – Renault Kangoo ZE – 9 Renault Zoe – Mahindra e2o –

Renault Twizy, a funny, but useful electric car.
A quick introduction to the Twizy, a electric car by Renault. It looks funny, but it is a nice design in easiness in use and driving. Top speed 85 km/h Range 80 km (if riding properly) VERY tight turns (me happy) VERY small to park (me happy)

Students Create Inexpensive Electric Car
An electric car that's both fun to ride and easy to afford? Stanford graduate students have designed and built a vehicle that makes daily travel eco-friendly and fun. They hope the Weng will change the way people think about getting around town. Stanford University: Stanford News: Stanford University Channel on YouTube:

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