Students Build Electric Car

Rising gas prices have some Nebraska students looking at the next big wave in travel.

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George Fortins electric car,
48 volt electric car designed and hand built by George Fortin, top speed 40 miles an hour,range per charge- 15 miles, excelleration- 0 to 30 in 5

1901 Baker Electric Car - at 25 mph
A historic early electric car, see a restored Baker Electric Car drives on rural roads at 25 mph, see the features of this restored vehicle in HD. It uses a tiller steering, and has 5 forward speeds. It was owned by the 2nd president of GE: E.W. Rice Jr. and was kept at his home in Schenectady, now the grounds of Union College. The motor was made in Schenectady and is dated 1903, although deeds from purchase show 1901. The motor may have been put in during the restoration to replace the original 1901 motor. It used a mercury arc rectifier for a battery charger and runs on 24 volts.