Ford Mondeo Mk2 (98') 1.8 16v Autostrada A2

Ford Mondeo Mk2(98') 1.8 16v Autostrada A2 RO

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ford vs BMW.mp4
ford mondeo 136ps vs bmw 150ps

Ford Mondeo MK1 1.8l VMAX 239 km/h
Auf der A2 kann mann schon durchziehen ^^

Ford Mondeo 2.0 240/km 16v
Ford Mondeo 2.0 240/km 16v I have licence for this video ! This is my video and i have all the rights ! It is forbidden to set the piston to the other channels!

accélération ford mondeo 1.8 16v zetec boite longue
petite accélération ford mondéo 1l8 16v boite longue