stuart williams supra crash the launch filmed by me sister, RyanG 2bartuning stood in way lol

2nd run in competition for this new CarmaSupra, first run ever on slicks, Still awaiting Ryan's footage!

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Stage 4 SRD GTR, JamieP
624 bhp & 623ftlb HKS Titanium Exhaust GTC intakes and downpipes ID1000 injectors ECUtek mapped by Ryan of 2bartuning

Gorilla Industries JZA80 Supra WTAC 2013 Incar crash
Second Session, crash

7 peoples reactions to a 1000hp Supra
Incase you think it doesnt make the power or the "driver doesnt know how to shift" Some reactions are better than others but they are legitimate and not set up reactions to a 1000hp Supra messing around. Not all runs were at 1000hp but it was still more than enough. Subscribe for more reaction videos and other fast Supra videos.