stuart williams supra crash the launch filmed by me sister, RyanG 2bartuning stood in way lol

2nd run in competition for this new CarmaSupra, first run ever on slicks, Still awaiting Ryan's footage!

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Scary Fast Supra - Uncontrollable - TX2K12
It takes some balls to keep driving this car the way it's all over the track. I also wouldn't want to be the guy next to him. This Supra was fast, but it gave you anxiety every time it made a pass. Check out HTC Facebook HPD Facebook: Twitter: Fan Page:

Supra crash @ Sac Raceway 1-13-13

Truck CRASH, built Supra full throttle Acceleration, 1,050HP GTR Revs, Viper Drift, and more!
A fully built supra accelerates at full throttle, banging off the rev limiter, a 1,050HP Nissan GTR revs (ams alpha9 package), a viper drifts, and a turbodiesel truck trying to show off fails a U-turn and crashes!

NHRA Accident! Crewmember ran over by Top Fuel Dragster
ZMAX Dragway in Charlotte, NC. Video taken on a Droid Bionic from on top of the suite tower on Saturday, April 14th 2012. The accident is at 55 seconds. Watch the bottom right of the screen