2010 Volvo C70 Facelift

Set to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the facelifted C70 features dynamic styling inspired by the S60 Concept. The most noticeable exterior update is a completely redesigned front end that features a bold grille, new headlights, and additional chrome detailing. Out back, the changes are more modest as the biggest difference is the addition of LED taillights. As before, the convertible comes equipped with a three-piece steel roof which can be raised or lowered in approximately 30 seconds.

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2010 Volvo C70 - Initial Impressions
http://honk.com - Meet Dan and Mandi, a 20-something couple from LA. Mandi's angling for her next car to be a convertible and Dan's in the market for a sports sedan... or is he? Check out their initial impressions of the 2010 Volvo C70 convertible and then tell us what YOU think of the car on Honk: http://www.honk.com/volvo/c70

[4K] Volvo C70 2010 driving on Highway

test it! The Volvo C70 Coupe Convertible | drive it
Volvo has given its C70 coupe convertible a facelift for 2010.Just in time for the start of the convertible season, Drive it! takes the basic, 136 hp diesel model with dual clutch Powershift transmission out for a spin. How well does the C70 fare during a test drive in the city? The vehicle has been given a more elegant look in the front and the back. We take the car out on a weekend shopping trip to find out whether it's practical as well as beautiful.

Volvo C70 Facelift 2010MY