Subaru WRX vs EVO 9 vs Turbo SC300 vs RX8 vs Mustang GT (REDLINE)

Subaru Impreza WRX, Evolution 9, turbo Lexus SC300, Mazda RX8, Mustang GT, Honda Del Sol, cruising, fly by, pulls, Piques Barquisimeto, Redline

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Mazda RX-8 vs. Ford Mustang

WRX vs RX8
Drag racing in Lipetsk 19.06.2009

On back roads where no one are around. 2005 Rx-8 VS 2001 Mustang GT

Modified Mazda RX8 - One Take
The Mazda RX8 was Mazda's last-ditch effort at making the rotary engine a viable option for a mass-market car. With a brilliant, lightweight chassis and body, practical clamshell doors for easy rear seat access, and a 9,000 RPM naturally aspirated engine, we find that the RX8 offers much more chassis than power, even if it is quite fun to rev. This example is owned by a racing instructor, and is modified in the traditional racing instructor way: mostly stock engine, expensive suspension setup tuned softer than expected, and way more brakes than you should ever need. Check it out on WheelWell! 1073d654e0269/specs/