1977 Vega wagon

tamara woodruff's second time down the track 2007

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Chevy Vega Wagon
In memory of my father, 197? Chevy Vega Wagon 454 ci th 400, Music: Dropkick Murphys, Your Spirits Alive

Chevy Hot Rod 1971 Pro Street Vega Wagon 355
355 Roller motor With turbo 400 4 link suspension 4000 stall

Wild Thing Doing A Near Half Track Wheelie!!!
Wild Thing Doing a near half track wheelie!!! This little Vega Wagon is known for its wheel stands but this one came out of nowhere not sure if it was done on purpose or caught him by surprise but he road that wheelie and it was a good one cant remember what they said they broke but whatever it was it wasnt that bad cause they were back at racing that night. This was at Street Racin Haven in Leaksville MS Video recorded by Drag Racing Dirty South Style check us out on facebook and give us a like at www.facebook.com/dragracingdirtysouthstyle

71 vega wagon
car decided to to donuts for some reason?