Joey Logano and Coleman Pressley iRacing Pro Race of Champions

Joey and Coleman recently took part in the iRacing Pro Race of Champions. Neither did very well. However, we've got this "behind the scenes" look at things and their thoughts from each race... plus some harsh words for David Ragan. Song - "Ring of Fire" by Social Distortion

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18th to 1st in 6 laps
Driver: Ray Alfalla iRacing NASCAR Sprint Cup car at Talladega Results: 511597&custid=15687

Matt Halliday iracing pro truck race start
Opening laps of the iracing Race of Champions truck race from Iowa Speedway.

WWE RAW Joey Logano and Kyle Busch
WWE RAW Joey Logano and Kyle Busch

Joey Logano Fights, Arguments and Temper
Joey Logano has gradually made a name for himself, during this time he has had some issues with other drivers. Footage is owned by: NASCAR, Fox Sports, ESPN/ABC, TNT and NBC Sports. Footage was originally uploaded by: Buggy1Boy, XERB1090, gibbysgarage, nascarfan48and29, edwards99rules, SlicedSmoke14, pacmancucumber1783, hamlinfans, NASCAR, grimatoria16 and FOX Sports.