94 H22a Accord First Start

First start after my engine swap from f22b2 to an H22a. 1994 accord. 1995 h22. No down pipe, radiator, belts, and throttle cables hook up.

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A-Spec 94 accord h22a turbo 2014 start
2014バージョンです。 94 accord h22a vtec turbo & nos 2.4L turbo by garrett gtx3576r, motec m4 adv,brian crower crank&con-rod,cp carrillo pistons

The Coup Channel : เปิดตัว/เจาะลึก NEW Honda Accord (Minorchange 2016)
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h22a freshly installed in 92 honda accord
my newly installed h22a into my 92 honda accord. just a video to show how it seems to be running roughly at the moment. and to hear whining sound from around the timing cover.

H22 accord vs NA 300zx
95 Accord - jdm H22 swap, i/h/e, fruity driver 91 300zx NA 5 spd- intake Roughly 10 to 100 mph run.. little saturday fun on the autobahn