Iracing - Jetta TDI Cup - Summit Point Battle HIGH SOF

Tim Holgate - Blue Car | Ant Collet - Green Car | Courtenay Smith - Red Car | Curtis Fung - Black Car ...... HAVE FUN.

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iRacing Jetta TDi Cup Carnage!
24 Hour du Fun race gone horribly wrong. I am the #14 Castrol car. There was some very light contact between me and the guy beside me, it resulted in a spin that would eventually catch over 20 people.

Iracing - Jetta TDI - Do i drive dirty?
I was just accused into the official chat after the race for my dirty driving. I lost 2 position for others arrogant manouvres on lap 2 and was pushed more than once out on grass..and more than all i was happy for the race cause it was funny, but somehow i was accused by some king that think to have the precedence on track cause "he is fighting for the jetta prize while i'm not" and i continue saying.."so why all this hurry to pass me ?" ...i was called also "homo." I dont like this verbal saying that's why i just sent a complaint to iRacing staff. I think poeple like this doesnt deserve to win a prize on a real race car bad beahviour man, calm down man and relax really.

VW Jetta TDI racing at Road America in iRacing
The first 3 laps of a Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup race at Road America in iRacing. Very nice car and as you can see the racing is very close and fun. I'm in 4th as the vid ends (I'm the red car) which is where I finished. Available in HD.

iRacing - Jetta TDI Cup @ Lime Rock Park - 2 Wide From my Cockpit View
Myself (pink car) and Mitchell Abrahall (Australian, blue car) battling for the lead. I was leading the whole race up to this point, with him right behind me.