V8 Sonoma on a shoestring budget.

It all started in the winter of 09. The old 2.8 started hemorrhaging oil so it was time to do the swap. I got lucky and found a donor s10 v8 package for $600 and so the fun began. Well this is what I have so far but of course there is much more to do.

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S10 before and after
s10 before and after pics

Putting a v8 in my S10
I needed a new motor for my S10, So I got one. Sorry about the cheesy narrative.

S10 cammed 355 3rd start
Testing operation of my throttle cable i do a quick burnout in a puddle. Wasn't running right yet because of timing troubles, had to pull the distributor and have different springs and whatnot put in it.

GMC Sonoma (S-10) V-8 Swap
A few pictures set to Bon Jovi's "It's my life", while doing a V-8 swap into an S series GM truck