Met Police - "I don't need to know" (just following orders) - March 26

New video in HD = "Oh for fuck sake not you again" - -- Relevant Legislation -- Section 3, Criminal Justice Act 2003 Section 174, Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 Part 2, Other repeals and revocations

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Amazing Beatboxer Harassed by Police
If you like this artist please go visit his pages: First part: Beatfox laying down some crazy beats. At 4:30 the police try to mug the artist's earned money. If you hate the police but live too comfortably to do anything about it, you can always like a Facebook page, you rebel: My reaction to this going viral:

(Day One) Met Police pushing people around without explination Met Police decide to form a police line and start pushing people around.

Met Undercover Snatch and Grab Squad at Soho Square - April 29, 2011 + Full Video: FIT Officers = PC Glen Williams and Photographer 4674 - UK Uncut "Trial of the century...NHS vs The Banks" At Soho Square on May 28th @ 1pm. Facebook Event - UK Uncut website event - Video footage given to the BBC for their use. My comments below are not supported nor endoresed by the BBC. The comments below are my own. I was on my way to deliver this footage to the BBC in Regent Street when I was detained under section 60. I had started recording on my camera before the police approached me and they forced the camera from my hand and held both my arms as if I was a criminal. I was asked for my details but refused to give any until I had been told what law and what crime I had committed. The officers could not tell me what crime but were only able to use Section 60 which is a stop and search power. Everyone has the right not to give their details during a search. They then asked me if my bank card which they took from my pocket belonged to me. I told them that it did and they arrested me for Suspicion of Handling Stolen Goods. (The card belonged to me). Before my arrest I had arranged to give my footage to the BBC and a BBC reporter booked my name with reception. I was followed from Soho by two police officers in uniform. I was detained and arrested on Regent Street close to the BBC building. I found it strange how they would decide to detain me before I could get to the BBC. After I was released without Charge and without Caution after 4 hours I promptly made my way back to the BBC in Regent Street and was finally able to pass them this footage. I also want to point out that many people have been arrested over the last two days including Charlie Veitch who is well known for hugging the police (Love Police) who was arrested yesterday. No one knows exactly what he was arrested for but the footage I have just seen on the BBC of a play right being arrested along with another man who was wearing fancy costume. Apparently its illegal to wear fancy costume when the royal family are doing something. "Marksmen from the Met's specialist CO19 firearms unit are understood to be on a 'shoot to kill' footing and special forces are expected to infiltrate the crowds." Read more: wedding-protests#ixzz1LFwEr8PK

Section 60, Stop and Search Zombies arrested - April 29, 2011 (Part Two) - Full 1 hour video = While I was filming the Section 60 stop and search of the zombies I was detained and searched under Section 60. After my stop and search the officers tried to move me away but I know my rights and can legally film any incident in a public place. This video shows the zombies being detained after the stop and search by around 10+ officers. I later learned that the zombies were arrested but this did not surprise me after knowing about Charlie Veitch's arrest a day earlier for Pre Crime. Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 - Section 60 Stop and Search (No requirement to give name and address) police-to-stop-and-search?view=plain