Met Police - "I don't need to know" (just following orders) - March 26

New video in HD = "Oh for fuck sake not you again" - -- Relevant Legislation -- Section 3, Criminal Justice Act 2003 Section 174, Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 Part 2, Other repeals and revocations

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Met police steal and lie
Metropolitan policeman takes a stick from a protester, and refuses to give number / receipt. Judge, jury and executioner all in one. The Metropolitan police have since issued an apology for the incident, and the matter continues to be dealt with by their management, so such incidents do not repeat themselves.

What Cops Don't Know May Kill You
If the significance of this encounter is lost on you, please see these links... and-homeland-security-have-no-lawful-power/ e-mans-chronicle/

Met police can't arrest people who swear at them any more (27Jun11)
The Met police officers have been given advice that they should no longer arrest people who call them cunts etc. because courts will not convict anymore people who do so. The police talk about respect for them, when do they respect the shrinking private sector taxpayers who fund their cushy pay and pensions? Ever tried reporting a crime to the police and be treated properly and with respect - doesn't happen. Recorded from BBC London News, 27 June 2011.

Our flag offends them!
The British National Party stands up to the police in Hyde after Muslims say our flags offend them.