Met Police - "I don't need to know" (just following orders) - March 26

New video in HD = "Oh for fuck sake not you again" - -- Relevant Legislation -- Section 3, Criminal Justice Act 2003 Section 174, Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 Part 2, Other repeals and revocations

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PCSO Mega Authority Showdown
Write to your local politician, we will not be safe until every 3rd person on the street is some form of enforcement officer or other. We must police ourselves, we need uniforms, badges, radios and especially fluorescent jackets! Whilst we're at it, let's double the MI6 (British CIA) budget; because as we approach 2012 (???) our imaginations may run wild, and we might invent new terrible enemies!

Met Police harass photographer at Palestinian Nakba - May 15 + "Now take a look at this cheeky bugger, this police officer Bully #2 badge TX 465 came to the rescue of his colleague officer TX 507 who was clearly loosing the battle whom we saw in the earlier photo. It was TX 465 we caught on video, he gladly shut up and walked back onto the road when i refused to move. This is when i took a picture of him. So he was arguing with me that i was blocking the pavement, i was clearly standing against the wall with all 3 of them surrounding me. I told them to go over to the other side where they will find plenty more people blocking the pavement. I was merely standing next to a man in a wheelchair but he insisted i move. So what did i do? I moved three steps to the right and told him i moved. He then told me to stop being "Pedantic". So we argued a bit more, I asked him whether he will arrest me, he said no, instead he said he will escort me. Escort me where? So i told him i wasn't going to move and i challenged him to do whatever he was going to do. So he stopped for a while and didn't say anything. This is when James Newman came along with his video camera after seeing the confrontation i was having. (He also helped me earlier with another altercation in the day with another set of police officers.) So we both stood there refusing to move, this is when they decided to back off because everything was being recorded and what they were infact doing was harassing us. The video link is posted below. Something i've learnt.. that is to always stand up for yourself, it only takes common sense to know what is right and what is wrong. James said to the officers that he knew the law which helped fend them off, at this point the officers knew if they got into any further discussions they could be in trouble. Smiling for the camera isn't going to help, officer TX 465 you lost this one! Notice his chum TX 507 was listening attentively." By Khalid Malik 957.1674784747&type=1&theater#!/photo.php?fbid=1588895257013&set=a.15888756 16522.67957.1674784747&type=1&theater&pid=1089681&id=1674784747

The film the police tried to ban
The premiere of Schnews' great film about the campaign against EDO-MBM arms factory near Brighton, and how the British police tried to stop it from being screened. All of "On the Verge" will be broadcast on visionOntv.

UK Police arrest woman for filming them 'for evidence' 22July09
Description taken from A woman is handcuffed by police who abuse yet another New Labour "terror law" given to the corrupt police. She wanted to film the police detaining a friend as evidence, and they handcuff her as well because "it's illegal to film the corrupt police". Recorded from BBC London, 22 July 2009.