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giannakis o grigoros

xoris sxolia


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GREEK POLICE Street Racing
Yamaha Z's tuned race in Greece. Police arrives but they do not manage to keep up with the bikes so they just give up. This video is up just to show how a race can turn into a getaway from the police. It is not to make fun of the Greek Police or to underestimate any country or police force. Please stop the unrelated comments.


Crazy Truckers on European Highway
I got the music from here: http://www.youtube.com/trackonerecordings If you liked the old song better, you can get it yourself from audioswap - search for "With A Spirit" by 009 Sound System

apisteytos k omos o pio grigoros!gia su re kosta arxige!

Ferrari 360 spyder drive by
I filmed a really nice 360 spyder driving throught Riccione.

crypton x koftes
koftes 130kati kai o allos 140 me mama granazia

Ανεγκέφαλοι Έλληνες οδηγοί part 2
Παρακολουθήστε απίστευτα επικίνδυνες ενέργειες ελλήνων οδηγών.

Malakizomai elafra me to supra,auto den einai tipota..prosexws pio endiaferonta video

tsikas trelos
kagouria gia panta

Johny o grigoros (2)
Epidavros, me to Tricolore. Gia osous den gnwrizoun ti esti tricolore, krima...

Crypton X ekkinhsh (skaltsas-petropoulos) *sta palia xronia*

Johny o grigoros
Stin Epidavro me to Kawasaki ZX-10, montelo 2008...

giannakis o grigoros 2
6 years old !!!!!!!!! and still going.... rossi your days are numbered.........xaxaxaxa

kontres salamina (movie 3)

Πάντα κράνος
Πάντα κράνος

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1969 Dodge Super Bee : 10.280 @ 129.000
scott kervern, Engine: 440 30 0ver,

1987 Toyota Pickup : 11.260 @ 120.180
Brandon Stevens, Engine: 357ci sb chevy, Tires: m/t 29x15.5 and skinnys up front

1993 Toyota Pickup : 11.340 @ 123.000
Dave G, Engine: Toyota 22r, Turbos: Turbonetics 60-1 Tires: MT ET streets 28x11.50x15

1968 Dodge Super Bee : 11.910 @ 112.000
Robert Davenport, Engine: 528 ci, Supercharger: n/a Turbos: n/a Tires: mickey thompson

1988 Toyota Pickup Hilux: 12.075 @ 110.750
Robert Conquer, Engine: 22R, Tires: Mickey Thompson E.T. Drag 26 x 8 x 14

2007 Dodge Super Bee Charger SRT8: 12.217 @ 117.740
Jaak, Tires: M&H skinnies on the steel rims with spacers and Ho

2013 Dodge Super Bee SRT8: 12.828 @ 108.070
Ken Wright Jr. , Engine: 392,

1992 Toyota Pickup : 12.920 @ 104.000
Eddie Jimmez, Engine: 22RE, Turbos: Mitsubishi 25G (TD07/TD05) Tires: 225/50/15 drag radials

1970 Dodge Super Bee 383: 13.400 @ 104.000
Todd, Engine: 440, Supercharger: n/a Turbos: n/a Tires: 50/15's

1993 Mercedes-Benz 500SEL : 15.100 @ 91.800
Heinz, Engine: 5.0L V-8,

1994 Hyundai Scoupe GT: 15.404 @ 89.590
Sebastjan Zemljak, Engine: G4EK-TC 1.5l 12V, Turbos: Garrett T15

1993 Hyundai Scoupe GT: 15.755 @ 90.850
Ivan, Engine: 1.5, Turbos: Garrett T15 Tires: Michelin Pilot


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