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xoris sxolia

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Soulis. O Pio Grigoros Psistis
Gia osous thimountai ton Souli apo ta Everest stin Tsakalof. Epestrepse kai psinei to idio grigora.

Σούζες κόντρες μπαντιλίκια και πολύ καμένο λάστιχο στην Θεσσαλονίκη

GREEK POLICE Street Racing
Yamaha Z's tuned race in Greece. Police arrives but they do not manage to keep up with the bikes so they just give up. This video is up just to show how a race can turn into a getaway from the police. It is not to make fun of the Greek Police or to underestimate any country or police force. Please stop the unrelated comments.

Αθανατη ελλαδαρα
Ν.ημαθιας Ναουσα-Βεροια